Why People Feel Tired Or Emotional After Receiving Reiki?

 It is a technique that provides a person with ‘Universal Life Energy’ that strengthens the immune system for initiating the self-healing process of the body. Reiki practice has benefited your body in several ways, like removes toxins and impurities, repair body tissues, restore balance, and cleanses the body. Every individual responds to these results differently. Some people experience strangeness while some experience strengthened; however, these behaviours are temporary symptoms of Reiki sessions. The period in which one experiences these symptoms is known as ‘detoxification symptoms.’ It is a good sign, suggesting that the healing process is working to better the patient.

Detoxification Symptoms - 

Detoxification Symptoms or Healing Crisis appear because of the rapid rate of toxic elimination from one’s body. This rate varies from person to person, depending upon the toxins they carry on their body. However, the period of detoxification symptoms doesn’t lie for more than 21 days.

The symptoms are classified in different ways like – mild, severe or moderate, and physical or emotional. These symptoms would be similar to that of the disease for which the Reiki therapy was initiated. Following is the list of the symptoms which are commonly experienced by the people during Reiki therapy –

  • Strong emotions – fury, fear, worry, irritability, sadness.
  • Mood swings
  • Development of certain phobias.
  • Fever, cold, or flu
  • Nausea, Diarrhea.
  • Fatigue, restlessness.
  • Pains, for instance, joint or muscular pain.
  • Skin reactions like itching, rashes, etc.
  • Hypotension.
  • Lack of sleep.

These symptoms are majorly experienced by the people who are successfully receiving the therapy. It suggests that Reiki therapy has stimulated your immune system to initiate the healing process. The symptoms subside with time; however, sometimes, it might transform into any severe condition. Thus, it is essential to consult a professional Reiki master or practitioner if you encounter any irregularity.

Tips To Manage These Symptoms – 

If you cannot manage the symptoms, it is best to increase the amount of fluid intake, mostly water. Intake of distilled water helps to flush out all the toxins and waste materials from the body. It eventually increases the rate of cleansing. Apart from fluid intake, you can also follow the mentioned tips to subside the detoxification symptoms –

  • Avoid intake of junk or processed food
  • Increase the intake of healthy and nutritious food or liquid
  • Practice meditation regularly to assuage mental and emotional stress.
  • Jot down your emotions in a journal.
  • Track your feelings and thoughts to escalate the process.
  • Take good care of your digestive system.
  • Take proper rest.
  • Spend most of your time in peace.

An individual needs to understand these symptoms and work upon them. Every individual experiences different signs or symptoms after every Reiki session. These are highly dependent on the emotional and physical stress on the person. Do not terminate the therapy if you are experiencing these symptoms, as these signs signify the initiation of the healing process.


If any of the symptoms affect your body, you must consult a Reiki practitioner without wasting a day. Connect with us to get assistance during the sessions of Reiki therapy.

Taking Away –

Hopefully, now you would have understood why people feel tired or emotional after receiving a Reiki session. If you have any doubts or queries then you must consult us today!



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