Why Is Reiki Self Treatment Recommended To Most Of Us?

Reiki Self Treatment

Reiki is a traditional Japanese technique that means "Universal Life Force Energy." In simple words, Reiki energy is life-giving energy that is present in everyone. Reiki, the healing touch, involves the placement of the Reiki masters hands-on the patient's body. It promotes a sense of calmness and relaxation. Reiki self-treatment is a process to benefit the patient from the Reiki self-healing technique while sitting in their home.

Why Is Reiki Self Treatment Recommended?

Trained Reiki Masters provide reiki therapy. However, it is not sure that you will always get an appointment with the therapist. Thus, people are recommended to administer Reiki self-treatment, which supports every patient's healing journey. It promotes the following benefits –

  • It promotes relaxation. 
  • It reduces stress and anxiety.
  • It increases the energy levels of the body. 
  • It reduces fatigue. 
  • It promotes positivity in the overall well-being of the people. 

According to the Reiki therapists, Reiki self-treatment assists patients to continue receiving the benefits of Reiki regularly. Here is detailed information about Reiki self-treatment, which one can perform on them at home. 

Reiki Self Treatment

How One Can Prepare For Reiki Self Treatment?

Here are a few suggestions that can help you prepare for Reiki self-treatment at home. Read all the information carefully and enjoy the benefits of Reiki every day. 

  • Before you begin with, you must remind yourself that Reiki is a universal life force energy within everyone. The Reiki energy aids in strengthening your body's natural healing capacity. 
  • All the patients are encouraged to perform Reiki self-treatment to stay peaceful and calm. 
  • Set a schedule for each day to perform Reiki self-treatment. Start your every day with 20 minutes of Reiki self-treatment. Similarly, end your day with 20 minutes of Reiki self-treatment. You can adjust the timings of therapy as per your working schedule. 
  • Look for a comfortable place in your home to perform Reiki self-treatment. If possible, then try to use the same place regularly. 
  • You can sit on a chair, sofa, bed, or the floor to perform Reiki self-healing
  • You must perform the art of Reiki healing while sitting alone in the room. 
  • Create an environment with no noise to distract your practice. You can also play relaxing instrumental music in the background during the session of Reiki healing practice. 

How To Perform Reiki Self Treatment?


Whenever you are prepared to perform Reiki Self Treatment, you may perform the following activity – 

  • Go to the room where you have decided to perform Reiki self-treatment
  • Turn on the relaxing music in the background. 
  • Wear comfy clothes and remove your shoes to sit comfortably. 
  • If you are sitting on a recliner, place a pillow under your head and place a rolled-up pillow under your knees. 
  • Reiki can sometimes give you chills; thus, you must place a blanket over your body to stay warm. 
  • Close your eyes, relax your mind and body. 
  • Keep your focus on any specific part of your body or mind to heal it. 
  • Focus on your breathing during the process of Reiki self-treatment. 
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