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The attunement process allows the learner to connect with the universal Reiki source.

Once you have received the attunement, you become like Reiki's vessel that can pass on the Reiki energy to you and others. You can genuinely practice Reiki therapy only once you are attuned to channel Reiki energy. Let's have a look at the article to understand why it is necessary to get attunement.


Why is it Necessary to get Reiki Attunement?


If you had to practice Reiki therapy normally, you must receive the first degree of Reiki attunement. It is essential because, through the Reiki attunement process, your energy fields, channels, and chakras get cleansed. You become the recipient of the universal source of life force energy.

During the attunement process, you receive channeled information and symbols that are required to practice Reiki. We all are connected to the universal source of life force energy, but we don't make full use of our energetic and spiritual potential because of our busy lifestyles. We are thus clogging the energy channels of the body.

These channels are unclogged by receiving the different levels of Reiki attunement. Therefore, it is necessary to get Reiki attunement to reset your spiritual potential.


How to prepare yourself for Reiki Attunement?


Now that you know what Reiki attunement is, here is something that would help you prepare yourself to undergo the process of attunement.

The way you prepare yourself is highly dependent on your spiritual practice. Opening an energy pathway is not a simple task; however, nothing is strictly required to prepare you to receive Reiki attunement.


  • You can opt to reconnect with your spiritual practice before the attunement. It would help to heighten the overall effects of the attunement process and maximize its transformative powers.  
  • You can do a three-day cleansing before you choose to go for the Reiki attunement process. It would include avoiding heavy food, eliminating sugar, tobacco, caffeine, and alcohol. This cleansing would also include the release of negativity.


Majorly these two things are best to prepare yourself for accepting the spiritual transformation. It would also encourage the attunement to have a strong, long-lasting effect on your overall wellbeing.


Benefits of Receiving Attunements Remotely 


When you take classes in person, you often do not get enough time to incorporate them. And the attunements are provided to the students at the end of the session. It doesn't give you time to prepare for the intense spiritual transformation that Reiki attunements require. You can learn and incorporate benefits at your tempo with learning remote Reiki and give you extra time to prepare yourself for Reiki attunement before you receive it.


Is Remote Attunement effective?


There are some Reiki Centers that offer Reiki Classes online, including Reiki Attunement classes. One can either opt for physical or remote attunement.

It's often asked whether remote attunement is effective or not. Yes, it is effective; however, in-person attunement or classes gives you a better understanding of reiki. You feel more Reiki energy during an in-person attunement process.

If you live where you cannot find a Reiki center, you can opt for remote attunement. But when you receive, it is better to be connected to the person attuning you online. It is to your conscious to connect with the Reiki energy when you are getting attunement so that attuning work will be more effective.

Reiki practice is an energetic practice in which you receive Reiki energy for the rest of your life. And starting your Reiki journey remotely would help you to prepare for life without any borders.


What Are The Things Involved In Each Reiki Attunement Process?


In the first level of Reiki attunement –

  • Learners are attuned to three different symbols, each representing several aspects of Reiki energy, i.e., power, distance healing, and emotional balance.
  • Every student has to receive these three symbols' attunements at four separate times, as with each repetition, the connection gets deeper.

In the second level of Reiki attunement –

  • This level is somehow involved with different symbols having significant meaning behind them. It helps you in opening your energy pathways.  


Finishing Up 


The article here has involved everything that you need to know about how to attune yourself to Reiki and its importance. Hopefully, now you will move ahead to get attuned remotely and practice the healing technique on yourself and others. Start the attunement process now!

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