Why and how Reiki work??

Why and how Reiki work??

Scientific explanation mechanism of Reiki!

Reiki's healing effects have been demonstrated in various experiments and studies.

A study conducted at Hartford General Hospital in the United States reported that Reiki therapy improved 86% of patients with insomnia, 78% of patients with pain, 80% of nausea, and 94% of depression due to pregnancy.



Today, Harvard University is currently conducting research of reiki on 150 patients.


Despite its proven efficacy, it is true that much research has not been done from the perspective of "why it works?", But there are experiments that find out the scientific essence of Reiki.


Electromagnetic waves are generated from the hands of Reiki healers! ?

Reiki healers take Reiki into their bodies and release them from their hands to send energy to Healy.

It is just like a magical hand power.

This invisible form of Reiki that is released from its hands is a “biomagnetism”.

Biomagnetism itself is generated by everyone.

In the first place, electricity is generated from heart.

An electrocardiogram is measuring that wave.

When a electric current passes through a conductor, a magnetic field is created around it.



In 1963, electronics researchers at Syracuse University in New York succeeded in measuring the magnetic field around the heart, and in the early 1970s a device called a squid detector enabled the measurement of biomagnetism.

And Reiki, which has not been scientifically proven, has been found to support that fact.

In the early 1980s, from the hands of a healer performing a therapeutic treatment, strong biomagnetism is recorded.

It was 1000 times stronger than the magnetism from the heart.

The frequency of the biomagnetism was measured when the healer was putting his hands on patient.

The frequency range was from 0.3 Hz to 30 Hz, while 7.8 Hz was appearing the most.


The Secret of 7.8Hz

This 7.8Hz number looks random but it’a miracle number of frequency.

In 2018, the book called “Miracle Earth Resonance Wave of 7.8Hz" (author: Dr. Kazuma Shiga) was published.



In this book, when the psychic, the artist, the athlete, and the healer are performing their abilities, the brainwaves commonly share the experimental result of "7.8 Hz".

EEG is a magnetism generated from the brain's electricity, so it is also called biomagnetism.


And this 7.8Hz is the same frequency as the plasma oscillation of the ionosphere surrounding the earth.




In other words, living things on the earth are born, grown and affected by this 7.8 Hz electromagnetic wave.


Usui’s Reiki's explanation was actually very scientific!

The Usui tradition of Reiki prescribes "reiki" as cosmic energy.

It is said that it can be taken into the body and released its energy from the hand, so applying the hand to the affected area will relieve the symptoms.

There aren't many people who have the image of "cosmic energy".

It is an expression that feels rather suspicious, but when this 7.8 Hz explanation is attached,"cosmic energy" is very convincing.


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