What to Expect in a Reiki Session?

Reiki Session

One can receive Reiki therapy from anyone who is trained by a professional Reiki practitioner. Furthermore, no specific setting is required to perform a Reiki healing therapy. A quiet place is the only thing that matters to initiate the practice. Just a moment of touch by a professionally trained Reiki practitioner can bring about comfort in any crisis. 

The article here involves everything you can expect from a typical Reiki session that you can receive from a professional or a friend with first-degree training.


Setting Required for a Reiki Session 


No particular setting is required to being with your Reiki session. However, the only thing to look for is to have a quiet place to begin the therapy. You can also include soothing music in the place to mask all the noises of the ambience.

Reiki Session


The reiki session in this private setting can last long, i.e., from 45 minutes to a maximum of 90 minutes, depending upon your requirements. On the other hand, if you are taking this reiki therapy in a medical area like the hospital, clinics, or nursing homes, the sessions wouldn’t last more than 15 – 20 minutes. 


What Is Involved In A Reiki Session?

  • A Reiki session involves you lying on a comfortable chair or treatment table with your clothes on. 
  • The Reiki practitioner lightly touches you in a series of locations - front and back of your torso. The hand placement is never pressured and inappropriate or offensive. 
  • The placement of the limbs of the patient is always dependent upon them only. In case of any injury or surgery scar, the practitioner holds their hands just off the body. 


What to Do Before the Reiki Session?

Now that you have planned to start your Reiki practice, you must know what you can do to be comfortable during the Reiki session. Here are a few suggestions that you follow regularly:

  • Always use the restroom before you begin with your session so that you don’t feel distracted during the entire period of the Reiki sitting. 
  • Always inform your Reiki couch whether you are comfortable being touched or not. You can ask them to show the hand placements beforehand so that you are clear about what to expect. 
  • Ask your practitioner to play the soothing music that you enjoy to get a bit more relaxed. 
  • Let your practitioner know about you before you start the session. For instance – any breathing issue, discomfort while lying, untouchable place of your body due to any scar or digestion problems. 

Bringing all these things to your practitioner’s attention can make you feel more relaxed and comfortable during the session. Make sure to ask them to include anything that would bring you more comfort during the Reiki therapy. 


Things You Experience Post Reiki Session

Your experiences are subjective and can vary from person to person. Some patients might feel the heat in the practitioner’s hands, while some might feel their hands cool and refreshing. Several other common experiences are subject to patient’s issues and requirements. 

  • Some fall into a deep sleep-like meditative state. 
  • Some feel that they are floating in a threshold state of consciousness. 
  • Reiki session proves to be eventful for some while uneventful for others. 
  • The common experience of people is the immediate release of stress and feels deeply relaxed. 

If you don’t experience much the first time, continue to do it for progressively deeper experiences. You can unfold many changes with the preceding days like stronger digestion, better sleep cycle, poised body structure, and a sense of being more centred. It refreshes your mind and brings about clarity in your head. 


Taking Away

The article has everything that you can expect from a typical Reiki session. Hopefully, after going through the article, you would know everything you wanted to know before taking a reiki healing session. 

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