What Is Reiki Healing?

Reiki Healing

It is based on the simple principle of spiritualism. It states that everyone is guided with some invisible life force energy that controls the physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. When the life force energy is freely flown, then your body functions properly. But if there are blockages in the flow of energy, it would affect your body's functioning. 

Some might believe Reiki Healing as some kind of Voodoo magic; however, it is nothing of that sort.

Then what is Reiki healing?

Reiki Healing is a kind of meditation that adds a positive change in the person's mind, body, and soul. According to some, Reiki session causes a calming and soothing effect to the person receiving this therapy. It re-aligns your emotions and balances your overall wellbeing. There are many other prime benefits of Reiki healing. Let us explore some of them – 

  • Reiki Healing For Deep Sleep
  • Reiki Healing For Oozing Out Stress
  • Reiki Healing For Treating Insomnia 
  • Reiki Ease Out Pain
  • For Treating Symptoms Of Cancer 
  • Reduces The Feeling Of Depression

Reiki Healing

What Happens In A Typical Reiki Healing Session?

The type of treatment and its duration is dependent on your practitioner. Some Reiki Healing sessions last for 15 minutes, while some may last up to half an hour. First, you are required to tell the practitioner about your health problem. Then you are required to tell your practitioner about the parts of the body that are overly sensitive to touch. 

Later, you will be made to sit either in a chair or lie down on a treating table. The practitioner will start the process by lightly placing a hand on you or keeping it just above you. During the session, some of you might get relaxed and fall asleep, while some may not even notice anything. It is quite common to feel tired after each session; it is a part of the healing process. You may require more than one session to feel the benefits of Reiki healing.

Is Reiki Healing Harmful For People?

Reiki healing helps speed up the recovery of the treatment; however, it does not have any harmful side effects. People with serious health problems must opt for Reiki healing as a complementary therapy to treat their health issues. It is not hazardous to take it alongside other treatments. Reiki healing appears to have a range of benefits without causing any side effects. 

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Reiki Therapy provides a person with ‘Universal Life Energy’ that strengthens the immune system for initiating the self-healing process of the body. Reiki Therapy has benefited your body in several ways, like removes toxins and impurities, repair body tissues, restore balance, and cleanses the body. Every individual responds to these results differently. Some people experience strangeness while some experience strengthened; however, these behaviours are temporary symptoms of Reiki sessions. The period in which one experiences these symptoms is known as ‘detoxification symptoms.’ It is a good sign, suggesting that the healing process is working to better the patient.

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