What is Reiki Attunement? Learning Rituals of Reiki Attunement

Reiki attunement

You might find yourself questioning that what exactly is Reiki attunement and how it works in your favour. 

Reiki attunement may sound a little magical. But in simple words, Reiki attunement is a process that every Reiki practitioner has to go through to become a Reiki master. The attunement process is basically something that opens up your life force energy system so that you can channel and balance this energy more efficiently. Reiki masters go through a particular ritual to help others in opening their energy systems. 

Let’s talk about Reiki Attunement in more detail. 

Well, think of the time when you need to relax, you might prefer to listen to relaxing music. On the other hand, while cleaning or working out in the gym, you probably prefer listening to beat. Do you know why we do it? Basically, the energy of the music helps you gain energy so that you get your work done with full power. 

Energy is also influenced by the energy of the people in the surrounding. You might already know about how it feels to be around someone angry or negative versus someone happy and positive. In a nutshell, all living beings have an energy field that is enhanced or influenced by several things. This energy field can be both external and internal.

You must be thinking, how all of it is related to Reiki attunement. Let’s connect everything with attunement. 

Reiki attunement is the therapy that helps a person in altering their energy fields. Before getting attuned, you must follow some relaxing exercise or meditation routine in order to relax and receive the attunement energy easily. Once your energy is relaxed, some sacred Reiki symbols are introduced in your aura or chakras.

Reiki attunement

What Is Reiki Attunement Ritual?

Rituals are basically the actions that are repeated several times with a particular intention to produce strong emotions within a person. Reiki attunement rituals have the most power because people believe in them. When a Reiki master performs attunement on anyone repeatedly, it becomes a ritual that will work on the person based on the practitioner’s intention. With strong intentions and some focus, anyone can influence the energy aura of any other person. Attunement rituals enable the Reiki master’s ability to channel the energy field of its patient or student efficiently.

Hopefully, now the veil on the mystery of Reiki attunement is removed!


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