What Is Distance Reiki?

Imagine that somebody is sending your healing energy, tingling sensation and heat throughout your body without even touching you. And an even more amazing thing is that Reiki healing can be practised with a healer who is sitting miles apart from the patient. If all this sounds jinx to you, then you can consider Distance Reiki as a prayer that someone is sending you. It is a prayer that helps you in clearing your mind, reducing your physical pain and anxiety. Other than that, it helps you feel emotionally balanced and, thus, help you sleep better.

“Your body is like nature – if nourished and balanced, it will work as it is functioned to work”.


Some Important Functions Of Reiki Healing 

  • It lowers blood pressure. 
  • It reduces the growth of stress hormone.
  • It improves the immunity level of one’s body. 
  • It helps the person to deal with the pain post any injury or surgery.
  • It relaxes the mind so that you sleep well. In simple words, it works well for insomnia.

Currently, Reiki healing therapy is being administered in several health clinics across the world. 


How Does Distance Reiki Work?

  • Choose a comfortable place in your home.
  • Wear a soft and comfy outfit. 
  • Take a carpet, sofa, bed or a yoga mat, whatever suits you.
  • Take your shoes off
  • Play any meditative music in the background
  • You can also choose to light up a candle or incense stick to set the tone right.
  • Then finally, sit in a meditative position. 
  • Close your eyes and take deep breaths for cleansing your mind from any foul thought.
  • It eases your mind by clearing away all the energy blockages. 

Now you can either opt for self-Reiki therapy or ask a Reiki healer to perform Reiki healing therapy on you. The healing can also be performed over a video or phone call. A primary thing of Reiki healing has to be the intention of both the patient and the therapist before each session. 

Always remember that – “Thoughts and prayers are powerful” and these two elements along with intention are used by practitioners of Distance Reiki for the therapy session. It works as an added healing and supports therapy with the medications to treat the patients.

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