What is Cleansing reaction?

What is Cleansing reaction?
A cleansing reaction may occur after receiving a Reiki healing or after an attunement.

It is a positive response which  temporary worsening symptom when recovering from sickness or upset.

The following are the reactions.
Fever, body heat, sweating
Headache, stomachache
Lazy, tired
Abnormal sleepiness
Itching and rash on the body
Breakouts, acne
Worsening pain
Diarrhea, dark urine


It doesn't mean that you always will get these symptoms .

Approximately half of the poeple who received Reiki will experience some of the above reactions, but will not be a serious symptom and will heal in 1-2 days.

After healing or attunement, it is recommended that you drink water and sleep well.


This reachtion can also occur emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Can't stand what you were being patient of 
Suddenly lose motivation
Planned trip or work is canceled
Deteriorating relationships have emerged
The plan does not go well

and so on. 


How to overcome cleansing reaction

At first,  for such a reaction, you may think "I do not like that",

However it is neccesary process that what making you unhealty will be drained and it is a sign of positive energy and events coming in.



This process doesn't end in a day or two, but can happen over several months.

It doesn't stay negative all the time, but it does the necessary detox for as long as needed.

Both body detox and mental detox become a barometer of your own in this way.

Where there was a reaction, there was a blockage.

As it is about to coming back to healthy body and mind, please resist as much as possible, leave it to nature and leave yourself in the rolling direction.

It is like observing yourself without being impatient.



Do not resist

No matter how strong you care about your job or people around you,  you may start to feel troubled, get stuck, and suddenly feel stressed.

It may not match your original frequency or vibration.

Rather than resisting, takea  rest slowly while observing and leave yourself to the high vibrations that you have,

Naturaly, new things, work and people will come to you.


The detox period of the clensing reaction may be a bit painful.

However, there is no need to worry or fear the reaction.

Because it always goes in the right direction for you.

The reaction is really temporary, and you will feel very fresh after you settle down.

Physically, the sickness will be improved, your body feel lighter, the rhythm of life and the likes and dislikes of food may change.

At the spiritual or soul level, you might start something what you never thought it's possible, build a new relationship, or experience dramatic changes in values.


Let's survive the reaction while being excited about yourself after such detox!
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