What Is A Reiki Session?

It is greatly used, adding a great impact to the health and overall wellness of the practitioner. Reiki healing therapy is based on the principle that every individual consists and surrounds by universal life force energy. It is popularly being practiced in most hospitals, health clinics, and private practice all over the world. Have you ever explored what is a Reiki session and what is involved in a Reiki session?


What Involves In A Reiki Session?

Reiki session typically lasts for 20-90 minutes, and it is totally dependent on the patient’s health requirements. Once you have reached your practitioner, you are required to following steps:

  • Talk to the practitioner and tell him about your intentions for taking the session.
  • Allow him to learn about your symptoms or the parts of the body you want him to address. 
  • Also, let them know if you have an injury or place in the body which is sensitive to touch.
  • Lie down on the treatment table fully clothed.
  • Allow the practitioner to cover you with a sheet or blanket.
  • Mostly, some soft music and incense stick are placed in the background.
  • No talking is allowed during the session; however, you are allowed to let your practitioner know if you are feeling uneasy or uncomfortable.

During the Reiki session, the practitioner lightly places his hand above or on the body parts of the patient that needs healing. It is quite normal to feel sensations during the session. These sensations may include chills, tingling, a sudden feeling of cold, sleepy, heat, etc. Some also experience seeing visuals such as colors, stars, pictures, or memories. So now you must not have any doubts related to what is a Reiki session and what is involved in a Reiki session?


Things to Do Post Reiki Sessions:

  • It is vital to stay hydrated; thus, one must drink plenty of water. 
  • Maximize the intake of healthy food to keep your body energized. 
  • Spending some quiet time post the session is also important to soak in the universal life force energy. 
  • It is also crucial to journal about the insights of the session and also about the mental clarity you received after the Reiki session.
  • Contact your practitioner if, by chance, you feel uncomfortable or uneasy after the Reiki session.

Avoid driving right after the session, as you might not be fully awake. But a brisk walk to the car or any other vehicle will help you feel grounded, and it would then be safe for you to drive. 

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