What Is a Reiki Master?

Reiki Master

It is quite difficult to explain in detail what is a Reiki Master. But here is a little something that will provide you with an insight about what is a Reiki Master practitioner: how to become a Reiki Master and more about taking it as a career option. 


What is Reiki Master Training?

An individual is not required to take prior training, education, or experience to enter into the Reiki training program or you can say attunement program. It is said to be one of the most powerful spiritual programs in which the Reiki Master transfers the attunement energy and information of healing techniques into the Reiki student.

Reiki Master training session varies, but students are mostly taught about the following few things:

  • What is the actual duty of the Reiki Master?
  • The universal life force energy surrounds every living being.
  • How to deal with the Reiki healing energy.
  • Working ethics of the Reiki Master.

While you are preparing yourself for the Reiki attunement process, you must include 2-3 days of fasting, focus, meditation, and releasing negative emotions from the body.

Reiki Master


Level of Reiki Master Training:

There are three prime levels in the Reiki Master training program. These sessions include – 

  • Attunement Level 1
  • Attunement Level 2 
  • Master Level. 

One can teach others only when they qualify for the Master's level of training. It is reported that Reiki Masters are able to heal any person from afar and therefore it becomes very important to understand what is Reiki Master and how energy healing works.


What are a Reiki Master’s Common Skills?

There are specific skills that most of the Reiki Master possess that help them to fulfill their responsibilities. Some of the most common skills of a Reiki Master are communication skills, interpersonal skills, patient care, and compassion. More such skills that Reiki Master must have been meditating skills, yoga, and much more. Reiki Master must understand the responsibility that is laid in their hands – the responsibility of healing others and later shifting their knowledge to others.

Factors That Influence Reiki Master’s Salary Scale:

Many health care practitioners combine Reiki healing practice with other disciplines like massage and acupuncture. Thus, the salary scale of a Reiki Master is dependent on what the master offers to its patients. Some of the factors that influence the Reiki Master’s salary:

  • Your experience as a Reiki Master
  • The level of Reiki training you have gained
  • The requirement of  Reiki Master  in your areas
  • The competition in the Reiki Master Field in your area.
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