Ways to Remove Negativity from Food items by Reiki Energy

reiki energy

If not, then you must know it's true!

When you talk about the food you eat, you have the power to make the good parts of the food better and eliminate the not-so-good parts of the food. In simple words, you need to emphasize the positive and eliminate the negative energy from your food to have a healthy life. 

Look at the article below to understand how Reiki Energy is useful in treating food and boosting it with healthy life force energy.


Why Do You Need To Boost Your Food With Reiki Energy?


Do you struggle with digesting your food or draw enough energy out of it? Or do you feel unsatisfied even you've just eaten? There are multiple reasons behind this lifelong experience. However, another possible reason behind it can be the deficiency of life force energy in your food. 

Lifeforce energy flows both through and around you. These life force energies are also known as Ki, Chi, Prana, Ti, Holy Spirit, or Orgone. These life force energies are non-physical energies that provide life to all living things. The flow of these energies has a great impact on your well-being and other aspects of your life. How strong and free these energies are flowing can bring about a massive difference in your life.  

The life force energy supports all the organs and cells of your body. If your energy levels are high, you will experience great health; on the other hand, if there are obstructions in the energy flow, your body would stop functioning properly. 

reiki energy


However, you are lucky as there are things that you can do to raise your life force energy to a higher life so that you experience great health and loads of energy. One such impactful thing is Reiki practice. Reiki Energy is a healing therapy that supports your mental and physical health by flooding your body with spiritually guided positive life force energy. 


Relationship between Life Force Energy and Food 


Having food is more than just an intake of healthy nutrients in your body. Food is counted as one of the major sources from which one can extract life force energy regularly.

Just like you can have either high or low levels of Ki (Life force energy), so can the food you eat. Everything that you eat has somehow come from a living source, and it suggests the reason behind why they have life force energy. 

Freshly picked, organic fruits and vegetables are highly recommended if you want to improve the body's life force energy level. It would contribute to your overall well-being and health. In a different scenario, where you have more processed or refined food, you would feel low energy, enthusiasm, and digestion problems. Thus, instead of feeling satisfied after eating it, you would end up feeling depleted. So what’s the point of eating it at all?


Ways to Remove Negative Energy and Boost 'Ki" of Your Food


Well, there are plenty of ways to use Reiki Energy to boost your food's life force energy and remove negativity from it. That would eventually provide health benefits to you and your family. Here are the tips that you can use right from its growing process to all way to the time you eat it. Let's get further into the article to have brief information about it. 


  • Reiki Energy for Home Gardening 

If you like to grow vegetables, fruits, and herbs at home, you can treat them with Reiki. Do you know that plants are absolutely in love with Reiki? It is true, as they readily soak up all the energy provided through Reiki.

Get in the habit of performing regular Reiki for your crops to enjoy the treat your crops would yield post the therapy.  


  • Reiki Energy while Preparing a Meal 

You can either place the food that you are preparing in your hands or hold your hands around the food to pass Reiki energy to the food. Channel the life force energy to food with deep gratitude for the blessing and eliminate all the negative effects of it on your body. It will not develop the positive elements of the food but would also improve the taste. Make a habit of preparing the meal with Reiki for the overall well-being of your family. 


  • Reiki Energy Before Eating your Meal 

It is probably the easiest and simplest option to improve your food's life force energy right before you eat it. Simply place your hands above your plate, and then channel Reiki energy with the positive intention of clearing all the negativity from the food. You must do it until you feel it is done, usually for 30 to 60 seconds. Then gather your hands into the prayer position close your eyes and bow slightly for a small prayer. 


  • Reiki Energy While Dining Out 

Clearing and charging your food is especially important if you are east out, as you are unable to see the food while it is being prepared. You might not know about the mood of the person who is preparing or serving it. Since the food absorbs the life force energy of the people involved with it, it becomes crucial for you to do Reiki therapy. 

reiki energy    

For this, you can simply place your hands under the table while pointing at your meal. It would clear out the energies from the meal without attracting too much public attention. 


Taking Away

Hopefully, the article has provided you with all the information you wanted to learn to eliminate negativity and boost your food positivity. Stay healthy and happy with Reiki Energy!

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