Use Reiki when you talk to people you don't get well

Use Reiki when you talk to people you don't get well

It is natural that there are people who dislike and people who are not good

Do you hate or dislike anyone?

"I can get along with anyone"

Some people may be inside.

However, most people

Boss is not good
My classmate has a bad guy.
I can't get along even though I'm a relative
There is a problem such as.

"I'm not good at it, I hate it."

The sentiment is definitely transmitted to the other party.

It doesn't matter if the other person knows it or not.

However, even if the consciousness and emotion toward the other party is not noticed,

It always reaches the partner at the energy level.

Like Reiki's teletherapy.



When an asshole comes before you,

The choice is usually one of the following three.


This is three options when the enemy appears in the game.

Isn't it about one of these three things in our life?

If you're fighting with someone you dislike, you're fighting.

Keep telling me, if you manage to laugh and pass, protect.

Run away if you avoid or ignore as much as possible.

And so on.


It's hard to care for haters

In any religion,

Consider the other person.

Love your enemies.

The teaching is common.

Even in mindfulness,

Saying "meditation of mercy"

Meditate while giving compassionate words to the other person.

There is also something.

However, this is difficult anyway.

It takes a lot of training to lovingly treat and feel people who hurt you or make you feel bad.

If you have a loving tournament, you have the skills of an Olympic athlete.

In the game world, we really fight, protect, and escape

But there is a bit more complexity in human society, right?

For example

"Talk with the other party and settle"

This can be done because people can "think about themselves."

However, if you can do this every time, you will not have any trouble in human relations.

Even if you think of yourself as an opponent and your emotions are once settled,

If you keep doing bad things, you won't stop.

And often you can only avoid or escape.


Talk to your opponent at energy level

If you can't reconcile with the person you hate, try talking to that person's energy.

Keeping in touch with a hated person with affection is difficult for the Olympic class, so try talking to that person's energy.

If you can interact with the opponent's energy with Reiki, you can contact the soul of the opponent.

Or you can come into contact with the energy that protects you like a guardian spirit.

Even if you haven't studied teletherapy, it's OK if you turn your consciousness.


The feeling of "this guy!" Is not born with nature, and you can calmly look down and interact.

What I felt and the message that came back at that time were very cool.

You'll get to know why you do something you don't like, say, or take an attitude.

Once you understand it, ask more questions and ask.

Anything you want to communicate directly to that person is fine.

It's okay to talk to yourself, just talk to the other person's energy.

This allows human society to exceed the limits of game choices,

It feels like you can go beyond the options in human society at the energy level.


Its energy and guardian presence will not attack you.

Because they are more sophisticated and sophisticated.


Conversation with energy

When we talk with energy, we often come back like this.

"I'm sorry, I made you feel bad. It seems like your feelings of anxiety and yam are ahead of you."

"I hope you can watch it a little more, because you are fighting that feeling now."

If the behavior of the other person still does not change, "I'm sorry, I won't go any further."

As a result, there are cases where contact with that person is lost.


This happens as if you were connected to the magical world.

Rather than quarreling, it is a little more gentle.

Your opponent never leaves you with grudges.

And you, too, can accept "can't help" and turn to the front.

In this series, the attitude toward one's own partner has changed a lot, and the words and attitudes toward that person have also changed a lot.

Because of that, the relationship with the other party often changes.

For those who are not good at it and who haven't gotten into it, I think their relationship is very good at this point.


People with deep-seated negative emotions often take a bit of time, and often stay away from them,

Because you have your own mental stability, the feeling that you hate the other person is fading and easier.

Reiki not only sends energy by hand, but also uses it in this way.

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