Tips To Strengthen Your Third Eye Or Intuition Chakra!

It is a chakra that sits right in between your eyebrows. The third eye is the energy centre of your body. It functions to access clarity, intuition and foresight skills of your mind. 

The fact is that opening or strengthening your intuition chakra is not something that you will do in a day – it takes a lot of time and efforts. Moreover, it is crucial to building a strong and energetic foundation before opening or strengthening the chakra. Luckily some experts help you to learn how to clear and strengthen your chakra.

Tips To Strengthen Your Intuition Chakra or Third Eye Chakra


  • Meditate With Reiki Crystals

Reiki crystals are a great spiritual tool that will change your mind in control, especially while opening and strengthening your third eye. For this, you must place the crystal on your third eye while lying in a comfortable position. It is essential to focus on your breath while practising meditation with Reiki crystal. Blue or purple sapphire, amethyst, or purple violet tourmaline activates and strengthens your third eye. 


  • Practice Reiki With Professional Reiki Masters

The more efforts you put into healing your soul, the easier it would be to open and strengthen your third eye chakra or intuition chakra. Working with professional Reiki healers and positive energy work is excellent for enhancing your intuition, chakra or third eye.


  • Pay Attention To Your Dreams 

Everyone gets dreams that are sometimes wonderful, confusing and terrifying. But one must not shrug it off each morning; instead, pay attention to them. Look at them, write them down and understand what it has to say to you. 


  • Keep Your Focus On Your Intuition Chakra 

Whenever you are practising meditation, you must keep your focus on your intuition chakra. Meditation works best for strengthening your third eye chakra or intuition chakra. Focus your attention between the brows and observe the thoughts and images that arise. 


  • Practice Healthy Breathing Pattern 

Practising a healthy breathing pattern works excellent for everyday life, but it especially important to strengthen and open your third eye chakra. 


  • Staying Hydrated Along With Nutritious Diet

Strengthening your third eye charka gets difficult with less intake of water and heavy intake of unhealthy food. Choice of diet is crucial for alignment chakra. Thus, it is best to boost your diet to balance, strengthen your intuition chakra. 


  • Tap

Practising gentle tapping regularly on the forehead will help you to cope up with stress and anxiety. It is the best strategy to open and strengthen your intuition chakra. Tapping would activate the pineal and pituitary glands with light waves of vibrations. 


  • Use Sound For Healing 

You might already have known the power of sound. Soothing sound is great for opening up and strengthening your third eye or intuition chakra. 


  • Work With Professional Reiki Healers

The more you put yourself into healing, the easier it would help you strengthen your third eye. If you cannot open your intuition chakra, you can work with professional healers to assist you in opening your third eye!


Taking Away!

Hopefully, now you have complete knowledge about how to open and strengthen your intuition chakra. Practice it regularly in order to achieve your target with a strong foundation. 

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