Things You Must Do After A Reiki Treatment!

 Getting into the habit of practicing Reiki would take time, but what you must do is benefit you for a long time? It is a frequently asked question as everyone wants to understand what they must expect from Reiki in the next couple of days Let’s look at a few crucial but simple steps that you can take to preserve the energy at the vibration for a long time post the treatment. Follow the steps to continue to enjoy the benefits of the treatment session.

  • Keep yourself hydrated 

Drinking plenty of water or other liquids helps to flush toxins and tired energies from your body. It also supports the healing energy to stay in or around your body for a long time. Keep a journal of the amount of water you drink each day after the session. Try to increase the intake by ½ liter a day.

  • Maintain Healthy Diet

Eat plenty of fresh green vegetables along with other nourishing food for an entire day after the treatment. Try to repeat it for the rest of the week. Stay away from processed food, refined sugar, energy drinks, or snacks as they make you feel heavy and can deplete your energy. Keep a journal of what you every day and how it makes you think.

  • Avoid Intake Of Alcohol And Tobacco 

Intake of these things will dull your senses and eventually your energy. If not for a long time, but at least avoid it for 24 hours post the treatment. The Reiki treatment heals, cleanses, and balances your mind and body, so don’t disrupt its effect with mere addictions.

  • Keep A Journal Of Your Feelings

Keep in your mind that whatever you feel is ok. None of your feelings is permanent, be it of joy, grief, or bliss. Thus we must accept that our feelings constantly change with the change in time. It will help you to become well- equipped for dealing with a whole lot of your emotions. Keep a note of what you are feeling at that time? How quickly and frequently your mind changes? All this will help you to get attunement.

  • Give Yourself Some Time Post Reiki Healing 

Leave everything and give yourself at least 20 minutes to relax after each session. Don’t just immediately reach out to your phone or gym. Also, keep chanting in the back of your head that whatever you want to get down would get done. Belief and some help would help you gain attunement in Reiki.

  • Keep A Journal 

Keep a note of everything from your diet to your emotions from the very beginning of your Reiki sessions. Please keep track of your thoughts and feelings as any recurrence might have a message hidden in it. It will help you to grow quickly with Reiki.

Reiki is one of the most wonderful practices that you can do every day to heal yourself and others around you. Practice these simple few tips regularly to get more benefit from Reiki. Connect with us for any guidance or for sharing your journey with us. 



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