Things to Keep in Mind Before and After your Reiki Session

Reiki session

So here is a list of few things that you must consider both before and after the intense Reiki Session. Other than the list here, you can ask for your practitioner's recommendations as well. 


Things To Do Before Each Reiki Session:


  • Eat And Stay Hydrated 

Make sure always to have eaten and drunk lots of water a few hours before the Reiki session. It will help you to keep comfortable and less distracted during your entire session. Also, avoid eating a heavy meal before the Reiki session to keep your mindless distracted from digestion. 

Reiki session


  • Get Into Comfort Zone 

Reiki Session requires you to settle down or lay down in a comfortable place. As comfort is the key to integrating Reiki energy, you must be sure to wear loose and breathable clothes during the session. 


  • Stay Relaxed 

Give yourself at least half an hour before the Reiki session to sit back and relax. Keep a check on how your body is feeling, and keep a note of everything from emotions to thoughts. Take a deep breath and reflect on your intentions before the session begins. Also, don't forget to use the washroom before the session to avoid any discomfort during the session. 


Things To Do Post Every Reiki Session:


  • Eat And Hydrate 

It is essential to keep yourself hydrated after doing any energy work. Make sure to drink at least 1-2 glasses of water after each Reiki session. Adding electrolytes in water works well to replenish your body. Energy work often makes you hungry, be sure to choose a healing snack or a good meal after each session. 


  • Assimilate 

You would experience most of the benefits of Reiki right after the end of the Reiki session. Thus, it is vital to look for a quiet and relaxing place in order to assimilate everything that would occur. It is recommended to take a quick nap, walk in nature, lie down or meditate for at least 15-20minutes. Don't rush into doing things right after the Reiki session. 


  • Reflect Upon Everything Happened 

It is often crucial to spend some of your time reflecting on everything that happened during the session in the means of journaling or drawing the insights you had during the Reiki session. Choose an activity like meditation or listening to calming or inspirational music to quickly reflect on your session. 


  • Connect With Your Reiki Practitioner If Any Challenge Arises

Reiki is a gentle activity, but as it clears out energy blockages, it may cause slight discomfort. Thus, it is best to contact your practitioner if you feel anything physically or emotionally painful post the Reiki session. 


Taking Away:

Hopefully, the article has everything that would help you experience the Reiki session's best after-effects. If you are still not satisfied, you can contact the practitioner and solve all your queries right away. 

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