Reiki works well to balance emotions

Reiki works well to balance emotions

Emotions are like weather


Are you very emotional person?

It's good to have your emotions rejoicing when you are having fun, however such people can easily feel the opposite emotion of anger or sadness as well. It is just like a valley with a mountain.

If emotion goes up, there is always down side.


Being emotional also means humanity,

And it is our beautiful feature.

But if it goes too much of up and down the balance tends to be lost.


For example, in a hot summer, you can suffer from heat stroke just by walking outside. In a cold winter, you catch a cold from the cold.

In extreme environment, people can easily get sick, right?

Just imagine spring and autumn, it brings you smile and feel calm. Harmonious seasons can make people feel happy.




If it keeps raining, many disasters will occur.

If it does not rain, you will run out of water.

If it rains once a week, probably that’s fine for us.


Think like this, if you feel angry every day or feel sad every day,

The damage to yourself is much more than expected just like too much rain damage the environment.


Why do people get angry?

A person who gets angry can feel angry when he / she is treated bad and disrespected.

Then the feeling of ”I want you to treat me properly" or "I'm in a better position" take actions or make statements. That will be expression of anger.


Research has shown that animals such as chimpanzees and giant crows can maintain this anger for a few days to a month, a behavior principle embedded in the animal instinct to avoid future problems. The memory of the anger feeling works like this.

“He did this to me, I must protect myself from this next time! ”

So he can take action to protect himself next time.




However, anger and resentment are mentally burdensome.

Research shows that when people feel angry, stress hormone "cortisol" is secreted more than usual, causing symptoms such as anxiety, depression, sleep problems, difficulty in memory and concentration, and weight gain. (2007, co-authored by McCullough).


Even though anger is a natural principle of behavior, if you continue to be angry or feel angry on a trivial basis, this cortisol will eat you both physically and mentally.

This cortisol directly suppresses the secretion of serotonin, which provides mental stability, leading to a more and more negative spiral.



When people feel sad

When a sad thing happens, a person feels helpless, frustrated, disappointed, weak, etc.


Each person has a belief.  A belief that they are living in such a world, and a pattern of cognition, such as the ego and the self-world view.

Much sadness is caused by the collapse of that pattern.

A person feels sad when important parts of a recognition pattern is broken such as betrayal and loss of significant another.


When the brain recognizes sorrow, it suppresses the secretion of dopamine, which creates and feels motivation and pleasure, and the secretion of noradrenaline, an endocrine substance that prepares for combat and escape.

This noradrenaline is toxic because it increases reactive oxygen species in the body and suppresses immunity.

On the other hand, serotonin, which provides mental stability, has the effect of suppressing the secretion of noradrenaline, and it can secrete serotonin by tears.



Reiki secretes serotonin


Reiki has been shown to stimulate the secretion of serotonin, which fights cortisol in anger and noradrenaline in sorrow.

This is because the release of serotonin is activated when the brain waves become alpha waves with a relaxing effect of 7.8 Hz.



Beins sad or angry is not bad.

There are some ups and downs like rain, hot and cold of weather.


But why not try to balance with Reiki before it grows enough to cause harm like extreme weather.





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