Reiki trains your intuition!

Reiki trains your intuition!

Everyone has intuition

Well, there are people who have a sharp intuition and people who are intuitive, right?

Such people are not disturbed by a variety of retrofit information.

You can make decisions and act as you feel.

But in fact, everyone can make decision by intuition and instinct.

It is important how yours feeling can be transmitted to the brain as it is.

And Reiki is a bridge that smoothly connects your intuition and judgment.





Before you judge, you already have an answer

In fact, people always judge things with “intuition” first.

It is an “instinct” decision before it is transmitted to the brain.

The brain takes in various information besides its "intuition" and "instinct" and makes a final decision then, people take action from it.


Therefore, there is a study that examined the brain processes and actual behavior until decision making.


In an experiment conducted at California Institute of Technology, the participants were shown a pair of photos of the opposite sex, and determine which is more attractive. (Shimojo et al., 2003).


At the same time, eye movements were measured to find out where the participant were looking before the decision.

Experiment has shown that when participants decided which on is better.

he/she was consciously looking at the person who chose by eye movement.




Also, there was more interesting results on this experiment.

After asking them to choose one of the pair of opposite sex photos, they were told to turn the both card down.


After that, they presented only the photo they chose and asked them why they chose it.

At this time, once in a few trials, they were told to present the photograph that was not intentionally selected,

In the same way, they asked why the photo was good.

We expect that the participants cannot explain why for the photos that they didn’t select.

With considerable probability, the participants did not notice that the photo which was to present was non-selected and he answered why he liked it!


These experiments shows that people make unconscious judgments first, then make conscious judgments,

It turned out that the decision was made after two major steps.


"You" of "now" is making a decision.

The above experiment showed that "cognitive information processing", "motivation information processing", and "emotional information processing" change depending on the status of "you" in “now".



Looking at the photos of the opposite sex you haven't picked, and still you can explain why it's so attractive is because motivation, emotion processing, and value generation are performed based on the cognitive information that "the selected photo is shown and it is to explain why it attractive“.

You may be doing this “replacement” of the judgement on a daily basis.


You are maybe confused by now , so let's look at the simple situation.


Red Sweater VS Black Sweater


A lady was wondering whether to buy a red sweater or a black sweater.

Right after you decided to buy a black sweater

the clerk came to the lady and said

“The red sweater looks great on you!”


Then the lady start telling herself

“ok, I look good in red “

"well, I have a lot of black clothes and the red ones is bright and make me happy!.”


Like this, cognitive information comes in.

And start to motivate her self.

"Yeah red sweater is cute!, Let’s buy a red sweater!”

The red sweater bought in this way often sleeps in the closet after wearing once.



Of course, the red sweater does not always fails in this situation.

It depends on how you were feeling about red sweater in the first place.


This is the case the red sweater was the actual lady’s decision.


The lady was thinking

“Red sweater is cute! Hmm but but it’s maybe too bright."

After that,

“I guess everyone could get surprised because I don't wear much red."


Then decided to buy black sweater and this clerk comes and say

“You look great with the red sweater!"


This would be the word that corrects the “replaced judgment" the lady created.

Therefore, will be happy to wear the red sweater.


Switching your decision in complex information processing


Especially when this process mixes more complex information with work and family, this "replacement" overlaps many times without knowing and making judgments.

Then you are no in the situation which is far from your senses or intuition.


When you are far off from your true self, you may encounter the challenges like “ getting fired” or "getting divorced”.

Such a big switching phenomenon may occur.


At first glance, what seemed to be the big impacts that seemed negative,

It may be a cutback to get closer to your true self.


People originally have the power to return to the original.

If you replace your original intuitive judgment too much and get away from it,

The recoil of the return force increases, and it tries to return in a form that is burdensome to you.


Reiki has the effect of making the brain that performs "information processing" between your intuition and your judgment a flat frequency as much as possible, so you can make a smooth judgment.


When you have to make important judgments or are worried about something, you may be able to make your own judgment while passing through Reiki.

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