Reiki stress reduction performance is about 90%

Reiki stress reduction performance is about 90%

Treating stress issues is complicated

The word "stress" is now a very common word for us though it is our serious health problem.

In Japan, more than 20% of people are diagnosed with "high stress" by stress check.


When you go to see doctors for some pains,


"It's stress."

I think there are many people who have even been diagnosed liked that.


"Stress" is not a disease caused by a specific virus like flu,

There is no vaccination for it.

Doctors may be prescribed sleeping pills or anxiolytics, which may promote brain hormone secretion.

It could be effective but side effects or too much of relying on drugs are also challenging.


Only 15% of low back pain can be identified

It is said that about 9.5% of the world's population suffers from back pain.

(By 2010 Global Burden of Disease Study)

And many cannot determine the cause of the pain, and medically treated back pain is about 15%.

The remaining 85% are attributed to "chronic stress" and daily posture.

In many cases, the cause cannot be identified for headache or skin irritation,

“It’s a stress, please take a rest."

And they often get painkiller.



However, the reality is that there are many people who are busy or unable to take off from work.

Many people have the dilemma that even if they take the medicine and the symptoms go away, the underlying stress cannot be resolved.


Reiki is effective for body symptoms caused by stress!

As a doctor says, resting is the best way to reduce stress.Others are physically active, talk to friends, travel, etc. are all very effective in relieving stress, but many of you would say that they

“I have no time or energy for it.”

So, try Reiki!

A study conducted at Hartford General Hospital in the United States found that Reiki therapy improved insomnia in patients by 86%. In addition, pregnancy-related depression symptoms have been reduced as high as 94%.

It is not feeling somehow healed but it is statistical support.


What is stress in the first place?

Stress depends on the environment and events in each person is life.

The emotional or physical load is applied, and the information goes to the brain and feels "stress."

Moderate stress is good for people because it emits a moving frequency called “β wave” that shows the movement or work of brain.

If the beta wave continues to appear for an extreme load or for a long time,

It becomes high stress and comes out as physical and mental upset.



Conversely, when you are in a relaxed state, a frequency called the “α wave” is generated,

This is the frequency that you get when you're sleepy, asleep, or when you're not using your brain.

People with high stress have a lot of this β wave, so α wave can be said to be a silver bullet.




Reiki has an alpha wave!

In the early 1980s, strong biomagnetism is recorded from the hands of a healer who gives therapeutic touch treatment.

When the healer puts his hand, the range of frequency of biomagnetism was from 0.3Hz to 30Hz,Among them, 7.8 Hz appeared most.


Beta waves are 13-36Hz concentrated or nervous state.
Alpha waves are 8-12Hz relaxing,
θ wave 4-7Hz slumber state.
4Hz or less deep sleep


7.8Hz where Reiki occurs most often is just between the sleeping and relax,

The person to whom Reiki was sent tuned his brainwaves to 7.8 Hz,

That means the person started relaxing with nature.


Reiki healing is available anytime, anywhere!

When you don’t have time to go for Reiki healing, it is convenient to receive remote healing.

Even if you are at home, the healer can send reiki to you.

No matter how miles away or in abroad, remote healing is possible,

Please try it as if you were deceived.


If there is a healer who will accept to send reiki to you before going to bed at night,

That is the best.

By the time the session ends, more likely people fall a sleep and be able to sleep deeply.


In addition, those who have physical problems due to stress,

The healing power can be expected to improve by the brain becoming alpha waves.


And if you feel healed a bit then, move your body, go to play to refresh your mind and body!

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