Reiki Session Sensations What Reiki Session Feels Like?

Reiki Session

Both these energies respond or react to particular sensations, which are almost always pleasant. The recipient and practitioner might feel warmth, heat, cold, forcefulness, or subtleness during the Reiki session. 

What Each Reiki Session Feels Like?

Reiki Session acts like a regulator that regulates the functioning of the body. The flow of life force energy through Reiki works like a furnace which automatically slows down or swifts up as per the requirement for balancing energies. The Reiki flow is sometimes erratic and other times smooth. This energy fluctuation often feels like pins and needles tingling, goosebumps, hot flashes, throbbing, chills, etc. These sensations are felt by both the practitioner and recipient during the treatment. The recipient gets sleepy or frequently yawns as the incoming energies soothe and calm their pent-up emotional stress and tension. 

These Reiki Session sensations are pretty subtle and might be overlooked sometimes. With regular practice, each person will begin to notice even the slightest change in the energy frequency. But luckily, Reiki Session works best for both who either felt the sensations or not. If you are having difficulty feeling these sensations during the sensation, you must try closing your eyes and eliminating all the visual distractions. It will help you to focus more on these sensations.

Reiki Session 

Reiki Session Sensations You Might Experience

Hot Hands

It is often seen that post receiving the Reiki attunement and you end up developing hot hands. It is an excellent sign that reflects that the attunement worked, and you can channel the energy yourself. It reflects that Reiki's power has awakened, and you can work as a professional. But don’t feel like a failure if you don’t experience hot hands as each person’s attunement experience is different and unique. 

Temperature Variation 

The hand temperature of the practitioner may change while giving Reiki treatment. It varies from the range of burning hot to icy cold. There are chances that your temperature and the giver’s temperature are different during the session. 

Unusual Vibration In Hands 

When Reiki energy is being drawn out of your palms faster than you are usually accustomed to, you might experience vibrations in your hands. It usually occurs due to the gushing flow of the energy through the body swiftly. You might feel uncomfortable, but it is completely natural, and there is nothing to worry about it. 

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