Reiki helps solving your worries

Reiki helps solving your worries

Do you have any concerns now?



“I'm worried about quitting or keeping my job.”

“I'm worried about the divorce crisis.”


These are something that affect your life,

But you could have daily worries such as


“I'm worried how to reply to the email from my boss.”

“Do I really want to buy this wallet coz’ it is expensive.”


Things could not be instantly judged.

We think and make decisions before we act.

If you don't know right away and don't know what to do,

People worry about them and get lost.



Rather than reiki solve it, Reiki works to guide you on what to do.


Emotions interfere with judgment

When you are worried, people can't take action.

"What should I do?"

And think.

If it's a small thing, you can find the answer in your thoughts,

Take action and resolve.


This process also trains the brain and encourages "growth,"


Sometimes it is difficult to judge even if you think about it so much.

This is because "feelings" such as anxiety and fear interfere with thinking.

It is totally ok to be emotional.

Emotions are important barometers for people, both positive and negative emotions,

It informs you of your condition.


And that "my state" is the criterion of the judgment and result.


The answer has already come out before you think.


While saying that “I don't really know what to do”

There are many cases where the answer is already in yourself.

Experiments to confirm this have been done, so if you are interested, please see this article.


â–¼Reiki Trains Your Intuition!|en)=en


The answer that has come out is your "feeling".

This sensation is a bit different from “impulses”


Well, there are shoes and bags that I bought impulsively but did not use,

Something fun and generous at that time, but regret later.

Impulses are judgments and actions created by emotions.


The sense is a little more like "Somehow", "Suddenly"

It is a "thing that floated" in a more calm way.



People “recognize” their sensations, motivate them, and make decisions with emotions.


The sensations are almost unconscious.

So this, cognition, motivation and how emotions are handled

It depends greatly on “your situation at the time.”


In short, the answer you are worried about is not about "correct" or "incorrect"

Rather than waiting for the two alternatives,

The decision you have made is the current "answer" for “you as in now”


Why do people worry?

You worry because you want the results to go in the right direction for you.

People don't worry about the consequences.


That means, the better you are, you can find a “better answer" for yourself.


Quitting job isn't the answer of right or wrong.


Whether "you" in "now" should be quitting or not?


The answer is based on the "you" of "now".



Being in a good state is not about always excitement that creates an “impulse”,


But rathe being a good state  is when you are “calm” and being able to judge without big wave of emotion.


That's where Reiki comes in

Reiki has the power to resonate the nerve frequency to 7.8Hz.

7.8Hz is a very quiet and calm frequency just between relaxation and sleep,

By incorporating Reiki, "I" of "now" will be in that state.



Then, there is not much difference between the sense and the subsequent information processing,

The answer comes out quickly for "I" of "now".

Also, even if the answer and your actions are different at that time, it will get solved eventually if your condition is adjusted by Reiki.

The mislead behavior you took by your judgement will not turn out to the reality and  the reality could be the answer for you of now.


You cannot control others 

Also, when there is a problem with the other party, the other party performs the same process and makes a judgment action,

If the status of the "now" of "another" is far from the “now" of "you",

No matter how you make a decision, it may not turn out to be the way you wanted.


For example,

You may decide

“Let's not divorce!”

And no matter how sure you are,

But your partner wants to get divorced

Your decision will not happens.


This is what you can't change or control.


When things turn out to be the way you want, you may wanna say,


Reiki is not working for me!!


This is also just one of the processes of how to feel and judge the result and take action to your next step.


In this way, we are making a lot of decisions every day, and we are steadily choosing the options that follow the chosen path.



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