Pain relief is Reiki's specialty

Pain relief is Reiki's specialty

Reiki is effective for all kinds of pains such as headache, stomach pain, backache, menstrual pain, joint pain, sore throat and any other soreness.

Pain is felt through nerves.

Regeneration of nerves can be effective even with weak Reiki waves, so relieving pain is a technique that can be used relatively early in the life of Reiki beginners.

You can heal yourself with a hand of your own for headaches and back pain from fatigue.



Just place your hand where it hurts! ?

In the case of headache, if you put your hand on the occiput, temple, or the base of the neck, it may vary depending on the individual differences and manner, but in a few minutes you will feel the pain relieve.

Put your hands on the painful parts such as stomach pain on the stomach, low back pain on the lower back, menstrual pain around the uterus, joints on the joints, sore throat on the throat, etc. Gradually pain will go away.


In the case of wound pain, touching the affected area directly with bare hands may cause germs to enter the wound,

Apply as much as possible not to press your hand over the wound-specific gauze.

You can learn how to use your hands effectively in Reiki courses, so follow the guidance in the course content.


Will Reiki heal Pain 100%?

Reiki is a natural energy unlike chemicals such as painkillers and anesthetics.

The effect on pain depends on the condition and consciousness of the person who sends and receives Reiki.

Also, depending on the cause and severity of pain, Reiki may or may not be effective.

If pain does not ease, there are may be the reason such as:

1. Weak synchronization with the sender's Reiki frequency
2. The receiving energy circuit is consciously or unconsciously blocked
3. Severe symptoms and need long or long term Reiki treatment
4. The cause is deep-rooted and long-term reiki treatment is required
5. The frequency is disturbed by the weather and the magnetic field


Basically, if the symptoms are severe or chronic, long-term and long-term healing is effective.

And its length depends on the strength of the healer's frequency.

Healers learn and practice how to tune to Reiki's frequency in the classroom, but at first they may not be able to use well due to nervousness.

Because consciousness affects brain waves, it also affects the waves of Reiki passing through the body.



Negative / Pessimistic blocks Reiki

Also, no matter how powerful the Reiki Master is, if the receiving block is applied, it may not be effective.

When this block is consciously or unconsciously negative or pessimistic,

this is because the effects on the brain waves are caused and the manipulative magnetic field is also atrophied.

"This pain didn't go away no matter what, Reiki cannot make it go away!"

"I've been living with this pain all the time, so I can't cure it suddenly."

It is common for feelings to become negative unconsciously.

On the other hand, being skepticism, such as

 “Can you really take the pain?”

Is not being denial or pessimism,

So it doesn’t block Reiki.

Even if you don't believe in Reiki or just doubt it, Reiki will still reach you.

It is very important for both the sender and the recipient to be wondering or positive!

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