Natural Healing and electromagnetic

Natural Healing and electromagnetic

What is natural healing?

Healing power is the ability to regenerate tissue.

From here, the science becomes a little more intense, but please read it while remembering science classes.

The skin, muscles and bones of the body are made up of cells, which are collections of molecules.

Molecules vibrate by electromagnetic waves.


If you imagine a microwave, you will get the idea.

Energy is applied to cells by the vibration of the molecules, and tissue is generated.

In the process of its creation, old things become obsolete and new organizations are regenerated.

This is the cycle of life.




When a person is injured or sick, "regeneration = power to restore" the organization works

The molecules make the necessary vibrations.

It is a constant electromagnetic wave that accelerates this vibration, and the area is 0.3Hz to 30Hz, which is measured from the hand of a Reiki healer called ultra-low frequency.

And 7.8Hz in that area is a very important frequency that resonates with the earth's magnetic field.


▼Why And How Reiki Work?? (Articles aboout 7.8Hz)|en)=en


Electromagnetic pulse therapy

When a broken arm or leg does not heal for more than three months, a method called "electromagnetic pulse therapy" may be used as a physical medicine.

This is like applying a device that generates magnetism to the affected area and sending a current through a conductor (body).

If you use an electromagnetic pulse therapy device that uses this current,

Clinical tests have shown that bone repair can be accelerated at once.

In some cases, it has been possible to repair bones from patients whose fractures have not been completely cured for 40 years, and it has been adopted in Western medicine.

In addition experiments using electromagnetic treatment have shown the following clinical results:


・ Promotion of capillary formation

・ Reduction of necrosis

・ Reduction of swelling

・ Relief of pain

・ Promotion of functional recovery

・ Reduction of skin trauma depth, area and pain

・ Prevention of muscle loss after ligament surgery

・ Ligament tension rise

・ Promotion of nerve regeneration and functional recovery


And the low energy frequency by the "ultra low frequency region" generated by this electromagnetic pulser is

Studies have shown that the frequency is similar to that of the hands of therapists in reiki healers and other therapeutic touch therapies.

The wavelength range for each frequency is also different.
Nerve regeneration
Bone growth
Ligament repair
Reduction of skin necrosis, 
promotion of capillary formation

Synergy with nerve growth factor


The frequency will differ depending on the location and depth at which playback is encouraged.

This is a hypothesis, but 7.8 Hz of earth resonance is just a "natural" state, I think it is the frequency when the body and mental are in the flattest state

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