Law of attraction is one of the energy

Law of attraction is one of the energy

I guess you have heard " law of attraction" somewhere.

A famous movie about "law of attraction" is called "The Secret" from some time ago.


Napolen Hill's "Think and Grow Rich" has a similar content.

Especially in "The Secret", it says "thoughts" are produced as energy and is invisible, but it is rereleased from you.

The movie reminds you that what you think attract what happens around you with many examples and cases so it is very easy to get an image of law of attaction.


This idea of “thoughts are energy” is a very important.

What you think and imagine in your head is released as energy.

Since it also exists as specific information, the environment, people, and matters to be drawn are often specific.



However, if it difficult to change the habit of thinking, and it your wish doen's come true, it is very difficult to truly believe in the law of attaction.


Reiki accelerates the law of attraction

That's where Reiki comes in.

Reiki has the power to adjust your thought first.

No matter how positive your thoughts are and focusing on what you really want to come true,

The law of attraction is not very effective when there is potentially the opposite thought.

For example, even you say

"I want to be rich!"

"I will get rich."

"I'm rich"

but inside of your self says 

"I wish I could be"

"I 'm not thst big person..."


If you are suspicious somehow or thinking that is now out of reach,

the method of attraction responds to its almost unconsciously emanating natural energy.



First, adjust your thought with Reiki and the law of attraction goes very smoothly.


Is essence and desire consistent?

When your essence is not interested in material money, no matter how much you want to be rich the law of attraction may not work for money.

For example,  you've been practicing singing for several years while working part-time to become a singer and oneday you see your friends make a lot of money in stocks and living a wealthy life,

"Cool!  Let me become famous singer and get rich!"

Then you have success image of 

"Get rich"

If you switch your thought to something like that, the consciousness of material "money" goes more than the consciousness of "song" which is the essence of yourself is shifted.



Focusing on your natural thoughts, in this case focusing on the thoughts of singing, that will bring in people who need success, and the chances will come around. 


That wish, really yours?

The law of attraction exists.

But is your thought now truly yours or fulfilling someone's expectation or desire for social approval?

Ask your heart again.

However, it is true that stubborn thoughts are difficult to solve.

By adjusting your energy with Reiki, the goals and wishes that you have never thought may come to you shift to your true wish and goal will be achived.

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