Know Everything About How Reiki Healing Can Treat Depression!

It works on the principle that "everything that has come into the world can be healed by channeling the energy through touch

What is Reiki?

How does Reiki Healing work?

Reiki is a traditional method that is used for healing. It works on the principle that "everything that has come into the world can be healed by channelling the energy through touch. It is an ancient Japanese technique made of two Japanese words – 'Rei' means 'Universal and 'Ki' means 'life force.' It works by transferring positive energy in and around the energy fields of the body.

One can perform Reiki – the art of healing, on themselves and the people around them. Reiki healing enhances your body's energy, as it rightly said that people with low energy tend to get more sick and sad. Thus, one must regularly perform Reiki to activate your body's natural healing process for restoring physical and mental health.

How to Practice Reiki?

Many professional Reiki healers would help you in getting out of your depression. But there is nothing like that you can't perform it on your own. You can heal yourself with a regular practice of Reiki without going anywhere. Here are the steps that would help you to practice Reiki on your own:

  • Receiving energy 

Before you get into the practice of Reiki healing, you must start activating positive energy within yourself. For that, you need to close your eyes and take deep breaths. Then, imagine a stream of bright white light flowing from the crown area of your head – going deep into your heart and out through your arms and hands. You would feel the flow of energy; however, it would take a lot of practice to achieve the same feeling. Also, you are required to shake off all the negative and random energy in and around your body.

You can't give someone if you are empty-handed. Thus, it is essential to fill your cup first and then offer to help your loved ones. Once your vessel is full, set a vision of where you need the most healing. You are required to get attunement to heighten your vibration level in order to share the gift of Reiki attunements with others.


How to shake off negative and random energy?

You are required to move your right hand from left shoulder to left hand and vice versa. Then you have to move your right hand from left shoulder to right waist and your left hand from right shoulder to left waist. Continue doing this process for some time to shake off useless energy from your body.

  • Reducing Stress

Because of the present work and household environment, almost everybody is facing anxiety and stress. If you are too much stressed, then you might feel issues like shortness of breath and irritation. With Reiki, you can channel your energy in your shoulder and then into the entire body. For this, you have to place your hands on your shoulder for around ten to fifteen minutes. If not shoulder then you can channel your energy in your mind. After that, close your eyes, breath, and focus on delivering energy into your whole body. It would naturally help you to calm yourself. Repeat the same process by placing one hand on your forehead and the other on solar plexus to relax your mind and emotions. Both these processes would help you to reduce the symptom of depression, i.e., stress.

  • Sealing the Energy 

It is essential to offer gratitude, cleanse yourself, and seal the energy, after you have completed the healing session. It is nothing more than just wiping your hands to remove excess energy and placing them in the prayer position to thank yourself and the energy. In case you are performing the session on someone else, then you must thank them as well. 

Another way to seal the energy is to draw a large circle and crossing your arms in front of your body to signify the closing of two energies, ultimately joining hands in prayer.

Now that we have a precise knowledge about Reiki healing, let's get further into the article to understand how Reiki can help treat depression.

Does Reiki Healing Really Help In Reducing Depression?

Depression is a serious mental health condition in which a person fights chronic feelings of sadness and hopelessness. There are times when people mistake this severe feeling with casual low feeling. The most noted symptom of depression is that the person loses interest in everyday activities. If not diagnosed on time, it might take a worse face.

The very first thing for the treatment of depression is counseling and medication. However, Reiki can be used as an alternative for removing the accumulated stress in one's body, which would defiantly make the person feel better and light. According to various studies, Reiki works best for reducing the symptoms of depression and distress. Thus, it is sure that the regular practice of Reiki can treat depression. 

Benefits of Reiki Healing For Depressed People

Reiki healing has by far proven to be quite beneficial for depressed people. Here are a few benefits which such people achieved from each Reiki session:

  • It poses a relaxing effect 

Anxiety and depression come hand in hand. However, the Art of Reiki healing can help to combat anxiety. With the release of anxiety, the person who was depressed earlier would start feeling better.

  • It brings your control back in your hand.

Sometimes the depressed ones might feel that they have lost control of their emotions. However, with each passing session of Reiki, they noticed that they started to restore control of their emotions.

  • Creates a balance between your mind and body

Reiki helps in restoring the overall balance between the mind and the body of a person. It helps in improving a person's mood and health. Apart from that, Reiki also helps the person to overcome the feelings of sorrow, guilt, and melancholy.

  • Helps in connecting with others 

It is usually noticed that people with depression tend to withdraw from society, friends, and family. With Reiki, depressed patients get an opportunity to connect with others with a sense of gratitude.

  • Stress reliever 

Finally, performing Reiki can help reduce the major contributors to depression, i.e., stress. Reiki helps in reducing the person's stress, and thus, in turn, reduces the symptoms of depression.

Bottom Line:

Reiki is not the ultimate answer to your problem. It just works as a catalyst that helps in the speedy recovery of a person from any mental or physical health problems. Reiki works as an aid for emotional healing and thus, makes you sleep better at night. Connect with MyReikeyLife, to better understand what Reiki is and how it works or Reiki history and its benefits.



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