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These hand placements transmit life force energy to the affected organ of your pet or its entire body. It is the helpful treatment of all types of animals at any age. Dive deep into the article to learn more about how Reiki practice is suitable for healing your pet with ease.


How Reiki Works For Pet?

While treating a pet, one must always work with intuition and body language to follow your animal’s lead. Thus, the treatment would vary from pet to pet.


  • The pet is made to sit in a room.
  • The animals have been asked for their permission to offer them Reiki healing.
  • Then Reiki energy is allowed to flow to create a Reiki space.
  • Pet is provided with a choice to come close or stay away from the practitioner for their treatment.
  • Then, the practitioner either places their hands on the animal or a slight distance from the pet.




There are times when the animals position themselves to come under the hands of the master or in any place of their choice.  

  • The treatment duration mostly lies around 45 minutes to an hour (depending upon your pet.)


It is important to remember that you should not follow the treatment with a preconceived idea of how it would go; instead, you must listen to the requirements and adjust the treatment accordingly.


Benefits Of Reiki On Pets –

The potent healing energy of Reiki brings out mass benefits for pets as well as their human parents. Use of Reiki healing is not limited to cats and dogs; there are many animals which can enjoy the benefits of Reiki. Some of these animals are birds, fishes, horses and many more.

Here is a list of the benefits which these animals can take advantage of through Reiki –


  • Enhanced overall well-being
  • Increase in energy levels
  • Lightening the mode of anxiety, stress, and nervousness
  • Producing the vibe calmness
  • Used as a supplement for medical treatments
  • Help for healing post-trauma, surgery, and injury
  • Relieve in pain, strains, aches, or allergies
  • For addressing the problems with the skin, coat, or feathers of your pet
  • Getting out the pets from depression
  • Passing the feelings of love and kindness from the owner’s side strengthens the bond


Issues Treated With Reiki Therapy

  • Reiki therapy is useful for the treatment at physical, mental, and emotional levels.
  • It works for suppressing physical ailments like inflammation or pain
  • It accelerates the healing rate in sick or injured animals.
  • To ease the negative energies of stress and anxiety caused by any emotional trauma or physical abuse.
  • If your pet is healthy, Reiki will benefit by improving their relaxation mode and adding a sense of contentment.
  • It also complements the other medical treatments of your animal.  


All in all, Reiki is a tender and calm way to provide comfort amongst your sweet little friend. However, if you are not comfortable using Reiki practice on your pet, you can always lookout for a vet that adds Reiki techniques in their treatment. Either way, your pet is in for a treat!

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