How to Use Reiki Self Treatment to Cure Anxiety?

Reiki Self Treatment

The healing practice of Reiki offers clarity, happiness, and energy, but the most important thing that Reiki self treatment offers is immense peace and calmness. Reiki is a fantastic tool that adds to your body’s anxiety-fighting traits.

But is it really true?

Most people are skeptical about taking Reiki self treatment, but it is a great way to take out the massive anxiety from your body. It not only relieves the physical and emotional pain but also the feeling of stress. Reiki healing benefits make your mind and body feel lighter, energetic and your anxiety would likely take a back gear. If you want to go ahead and learn to practice self healing at home, here are several ways in which you can achieve the same.

How to Learn Reiki Self Treatment for Dealing with Anxiety?

Reiki self healing is for creating a balance and harmony in the body’s life force energy fields. The practitioners use their secondary palm chakras to channel the life force energy. The energy is transferred to the areas in need with simple palm movements. The best part is that you can learn to do Reiki self treatment from the practitioner and transfer energy yourself.

As we all know that, we are made up of energy. Thus, it is in our hands to shift energy to the parts of the body in need anytime, anywhere. Here we have mentioned five basic five-minute exercises to use Reiki self treatment for dealing with anxiety:

Reiki Self Treatment

  • Lie down and get into a comfortable position.
  • Lose your arms – place your hands behind your head and your palms supporting the back of your skull.
  • Breathe deeply for the next two minutes and start imagining that your palms are sending healing energy to your mind. It would help you release the excess energy and thoughts from your mind and make it a peaceful place for calm thoughts. Later place your hands over your heart.
  • Allow the same healing energy to come into your heart. You will notice your heart release the heaviness, stress, pain, and excess burden from it.
  • Then gently open your eyes and you will notice how the mind and body will feel together.

If you are struggling with anxiety, Reiki self treatment is the new meditation technique that would help you release that feeling.

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