How to Get the Most from Distance Reiki Session?

Distance Reiki Session

Most of the people who have already tried both practices suggest that distance Reiki session are better. It is because people are less distracted by physical contact and unfamiliar sounds from the outside environment. 

The life force energy works regardless of where you are since it transcends time and physical space. Have a Distance Reiki session while sitting in your home's comfort as it will save your time money and make you more relaxing. 

If you are considering having a distance Reiki session, then here are a few steps that you can consider getting the most from each of your sessions. 


  • Choose a comfortable place in your room to lie down. 

A professional trainer always recommends using a couch or a yoga mat on the floor with some blankets. However, you can choose your bed, but because it tends to make you fall asleep. Anyhow, the motive is to choose a place where you feel comfortable, safe, relaxed and free from distraction but not your bed.


  • Keep crystals or such items that make you feel connected with your surroundings. 

 Distance Reiki Session


Crystals are astounding gifts from the Earth that constantly supports you by holding different vibrations. In case you don't have any crystals, you can use an object (such as pictures, small statues, thick candles) with which you feel spiritually connected. 


  • Keep your headphones or earbuds ready!

By keeping your earphones, you would be clearly able to hear your Reiki healer. It will help you to avoid distractions from the outside environment. 


  • Start following your breath.

Every time you enter the Reiki or meditation zone, you must Inhale and exhale through your nose helps you draw your attention inwards. Reiki helps you to learn how to follow your breath. 


  • Using White Sage or Palo Santo can clear the unwanted energy of your space. 

Before starting the session, light up a bundle or a piece of wood until it catches flame. Then quickly distinguish the burning flame and move the smoke counter-clockwise throughout the meditation room. Also, you would require a window for this part of setting up Reiki. 


Hopefully, these steps would prove helpful while preparing the surroundings for Distance Reiki Session. Hope to have you on board! 

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