How To Deal With ‘Healing Crisis’ Post Reiki Therapy?

People do not expect it; however, such sensations are mild and last for up to 1 or 2 days. Some people might feel physically and emotionally drained for a long time. It might not feel very good, but it is quite essential for experiencing long term result. This experience is known as "The Healing Crisis." Reiki is like any other detox plan, in which release can be on emotional, physical, or energy level. Thus, many symptoms would come up as the toxins reveal their true self to you. However, every person reacts to a healing crisis differently, depending upon their sensitivity to energy and the energy they are releasing.

What To Do If Healing Crisis Come Up?

  • Stay Hydrated 

Drinking water is the most effective for healing purposes. You must regularly drink distilled clean water, as it will flush out toxins and keep your energy vibrating. People report that they feel thirsty during the Reiki therapy. Listen to the requirements of your body and keep yourself hydrated.

  • Take Proper Rest 

Your body is like a machine; it needs rest just as the machinery requires fuel. If you feel tired or lack energy, you must consider it as your body's way of telling you to take a rest and regenerate it. Taking a deep sleep of 6-8 hours would help you to deal with the Healing Crisis.

  • Meditation 

You must involve meditation in your routine. Most suitable to begin this routine is at night. Also, scan your body regularly to check which of your body part feels heavy. With the help of healing crises, one can easily become more aware of where your body holds stress and emotions. Meditate and scan your body before you sleep to see what you feel in the morning. It will keep your body and mind healthy.

  • Keep A Journal 

Keep a note of your thoughts that would come up to become the source of your emotional release. Do you feel any pattern in your negative thoughts? What your thoughts and instincts are guiding you to work on? Work with all this in your journal to inspect changes in your life. Identifying the thoughts' pattern would also help you break the cycle for the long run progress. If you are a private person, then writing is the safest way to release and explore your thoughts.

  • Regular Intake Of Healthy Food And Drinks

It merely means avoiding junk food, extra sweet or salty food, alcohol, and caffeinated food. Reiki is similar to detox, and if you are practicing this, it would be best to avoid putting toxins in your body. Thus, increasing the intake of healthy, raw, and energy-rich food would elevate Reiki's benefits.

  • Be Gentle With Yourself!

The duration for which your body releases toxin varies from person to person. You must keep your environment as positive as possible during the release. Always try to surround yourself with things and people you love. Allow yourself to take out time from your schedule and do something you love to do.

Finishing Up 

The blog is focused on tips to deal with ''Healing Crisis'', which usually occurs post-Reiki therapy. Follow these easy tips and enjoy the healthy benefits of Reiki. If you are looking for a Reiki master, then you must connect with us now. 


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