How To Attune Yourself To Reiki?

 How To Attune Yourself To Reiki

The attunement process enables the learners to connect to the universal source of Reiki energy. It is a simple process that allows the person to become a vessel full of Reiki healing energy and pass it on to others. Until and unless you are properly attuned to Reiki, you cannot completely practice Reiki on yourself and others. Let us learn more about how to attune yourself to Reiki healing:


How to Attune Yourself to Reiki Healing?

According to Reiki traditions, you must be attuned by a professional Reiki master before practising the art of self-healing the energy flow of the body. Receiving the Reiki attunement process can be a powerful spiritual experience as the energy pathways are opened by the Reiki master. These openings allow the Reiki energy to flow through the body and greatly impact your body freely.

The feeling of Reiki attunement can cause lightening of the body and slight tingling in the body from head to toes. These feelings are primary because the energy pathways of the body are opened by the master. Reiki attunement creates a positive impact on the healing and channelling of the energy pathways. Go further and learn how to prepare yourself for Reiki attunement. So you must have got the answer as to how to attune yourself to Reiki.  

How To Attune Yourself To Reiki

How to Prepare For Reiki Attunement?

Preparing for Reiki attunement is dependent on the individual’s spiritual practices. We all know that opening the energy pathways is not a simple matter. At the same time, it is not essential to do any preparation for receiving Reiki attunement. Before the Reiki attunement process begins, most students opt to reconnect with their spiritual practices. It helps to intensify the effects of attunement and to make the most of the transformative power. 

One of the most recommended ways to prepare for Reiki attunement is to engage you in a three-day cleansing process before the attunement process. It involves:

  • This detox or cleanse require you to avoid intake of heavy food items, sugar, tobacco, alcohol, and caffeine. 
  • Also, you can spend your time reading or meditating rather than wasting it while sitting in front of the idiot box. 
  • Make proper efforts to release negative emotions from the body, such as anger, sadness, and jealousy. 

These preparations are enough to make you ready to accept the spiritual transformation and encourage the Reiki attunement to provide an intense, long-lasting impact on the overall wellbeing of the person’s life. Searching for Reiki attunement near me or how to attune yourself to Reiki? No need to search for that as it can perform at a distance and you will surely get wonderful results.

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