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The former are those with a positive outlook about life in every situation they face. The latter are adversely different from the former as they look out for every situation and interaction as something personal against them. 

That's not it; the negative personalities tend to suck the life out of everyone around them and are most difficult to interact with. On the other hand, one would always feel pleasant and comfortable around positive personalities. If you want to deplete the number of negative energies around you, then you can follow the strategies mentioned below but before that, let's understand how negative people are for us – 


Negative People are Like Energy Vampires 

It only happens when you let them suck the positivity out from you. You have to understand that the true meaning of love is to allow people to be themselves, and it isn't your job to change, but if you find yourself doing it, you are getting sucked into their negativity. Here is the list of how you know who is negative around you – 

  • They blame others for everything happening around them
  • You don't feel good when you are around them 
  • They have nothing positive to share
  • You might feel that they are attacking you
  • You tend to feel guilty when you are around them
  • You might feel drained after meeting them
  • They can make you feel ill 
  • They are always complaining about things


Strategies to Deplete Negative Energies around You 

  • Recognize The Negative People Around You 
  • Understand Why They Are Negative 
  • Encourage Positivity Around Them 
  • Distance Yourself From Them 


What Are The Symptoms Of Negativity Around You?

  • Low Life Force Energy
  • Low to Zero Vitality
  • Diminished Physical Health
  • Attracting Toxic Relationships
  • Unstable Emotions 
  • Feeling Blocked From Inside


How Reiki Helps You To Stay Sane Even Around Negative People?

Reiki is a traditional Japanese healing technique for the betterment of the people's lives in every way. Reiki healing therapy is one of the best practices that help you deal with physical and emotional problems like stress, depression, and anxiety. The healing effects of the therapy are mediated by channeling the life force energy. 

The life force energy is continuously flowing through and around your body. It needs to be channelized into positivity to have a better impact on the lives of the people. If you have a negative surrounding, then by channelizing the positivity from within, you can help mitigate the effects of the negative surrounding. In fact, it might lead the negative person to heal and start processing positivity within themselves and around them.


Taking Away 

Channelizing the positive energy from within your body through Reiki healing therapy would help you deal with the negative entities around you. It would create a protective shield around you and transform the negative energies of others into positive ones. Connect with a professional Reiki practitioner to learn ways to channelize your energy. Take a step today!

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