How often should you have reiki done?

How often should you have reiki done

For practising it regularly, you can take the help of a practitioner, or you can learn to practice self-Reiki. It is an easy way to cleanse your energy, but not everyone wants to become a practitioner. Thus, what is the reasonable number of sessions to experience the desired results of Reiki treatment?


How Often Should You Have Reiki Done?

Have you ever wonder how often should you have Reiki done? It is a widely asked question that often comes to the practitioners before or after the Reiki session. The answer that Reiki practitioners provide is mostly dependent on the patient’s personal assessment. 

Practitioners ask the following questions from their patients and answer them about the number of sessions required to get the desired result. 

  • Reasons for why you want to receive Reiki practice. 
  • Intentions of the patient before each session. 


Practitioners provide the number of sessions according to the time they require to understand the symptoms of the problem patient wants to address. It also helps them to understand whether it is a chronic health problem or not. Also, learns whether you are receiving any traditional or medicinal therapy.

Reiki has by far proven to be an excellent complementary therapy for treating cancer or receiving psychotherapy. Other than that, it is excellent for treating patients with a physical injury like a broken bone. However, it is vital to consult your practitioner beforehand about the number of sessions that are required to heal any particular mental, physical or psychological problem.

If you want to practice Reiki for your overall being, then you can perform it regularly. Reiki healing therapy doesn’t have any side effects, so you can practice it as many times as you want. You can book the timings of the session as per your requirement, i.e. weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. Practitioners recommend you to trust intuition as it is the only part where a person connects with the universal life force energy or Reiki energy.

For most people, it gets practically impossible for everyone to take regular Reiki sessions with a practitioner. Thus, it is highly recommended to learn how to practice self Reiki healing at home. Also, there are some practitioners who offer a membership option that will help you to take sessions at a reasonable cost.

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