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Reiki practice is a traditional Japanese healing practice that must be involved in your daily life. It is a healing technique evolved for curing physical, mental, and emotional issues. The process consists of the transfer of energy through hand movements. 


Medical Reiki!

Have you ever heard of the term Medical Reiki? It is a term used for Reiki practices taking place in hospitals or other conventional healthcare institutions to address any medical problems. Most clinics have incorporated the therapy to offer positivity and enhanced the recovery rate of their patients. 

Are you confused about how Self-Reiki is different from Medical Reiki? Then worry not! We have gathered all the information that would help you to mark out the thin line between the two! Let's get further into the article to learn more!


Medical Reiki vs. Regular Self Reiki 


Daily self Reiki 

  • Self Reiki is for supporting the overall balance of your everyday life. 
  • It helps to address existing imbalances in your body. 
  • Self Reiki practice helps in maintaining body balance and its functioning.
  • It helps in preventing future matters of life, be it; physical, emotional, or mental. 
  • There is no one correct way to practice self Reiki; instead, there are many ways to practice it.  
  • Once you start practicing regularly, then your regularity would matter over details of how you practice it. 
  • Daily self Reiki is like encouraging complete Reiki self-treatment involving hand movements through any ways you've known. 
  • Thirty minutes or so are required regularly to maintain a regular self-Reiki practice. 
  • You can spend more or less time on it each day, depending upon your requirements. 


Medical Reiki 

  • The Reiki practice in medical institutions like hospitals, private clinics, and others is basically considered Medical Reiki. 
  • Medical Reiki involves few hand placements and significantly less practice time to perform it. 
  • These medical Reiki treatments don't last as long as 15-20 minutes, and it is mostly due to the patient's inability to lie on their stomach. Thus, they often last for a short time. 

  • Patients practicing Medical Reiki regularly have been noted to have better results than patients who don't practice this healing therapy. 
  • It has proven results on matters like blood pressure, heart rate, digestion, and respiration problems. 
  • It induces deep sleep in patients so that they can relax and recover quickly. 


How To Bring Reiki To Medicine?


Suppose you want to bring about Reiki to medical institutions where it is currently not being offered. In that case, you just need to communicate what it offers in a simple language that makes sense to medical professionals. 

You can address the patients' concerns that get resolved by including the practice of Reiki art. If the professional asks more about Reiki – what is Reiki and how it works; is it a sign that they are interested in your proposal. 

If you want to bring Reiki to mainstream medicine, then you need not discuss your beliefs. As it would give an image that Reiki is related to religion. Thus, you have to be very careful while bringing about Reiki in medical institutions that still lack this practice.


Taking Up 


Hopefully, the article has provided you with a brief overview of how medical Reiki is different from daily self Reiki. Connect with the professionals if you have any queries about the Reiki self-healing technique. 

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