How Do I Know If My Reiki Attunement Worked?

the question still remains – "How do I know if my Reiki attunement worked?"

The speedy way to check if your attunement works are to trigger the energies and observe if you have a connection, and ensure sensible expectations. Here you can learn how to explore it in great details. In addition, with activated energies, there are five more ways to check if your attunement worked in your favour or not.

5 Quick Ways To Check Attunement Worked:

  • Sensations That One May Feel

It is quite common to feel sensations in your body after Reiki sessions. These sensations include chills, warmth, slight ringing in ears, waves of energy passing through the body and much more. However, there are some rare cases in which people don't feel anything after the sessions. Everyone is unique in their own way; thus, each will have unique ways of perception.

  • Flow Of Energy 

Once you have started the attunement process, you will be able to perceive a flow of energy. The energy flow can either be deep or subtle. You must feel that the life force energy is flowing properly and the energies are being integrated.

  • Mild Detox Symptoms

There are slight chances that one may experience very mild symptoms of detox post attunement. These symptoms don't indicate flu or illness; in fact, these mild symptoms indicate that you are undergoing the cleansing ritual post attunement. These symptoms mostly include chills, mild headache, a sudden feeling of cold and much more.

  • Increased Dreaming Tendency 

If you are experiencing lots of dreams, post the attunement process, then it indicates that your energy is deeply cleansing. However, it is vital to try understanding and to identify the topic of the dream in order to work on it when you are awake. It would help you in the deep cleaning of your energy.

  • Feeling Of Being Ungrounded 

Ungrounded feeling post the attunement process is a good way to know that your body properly receives the attunement. It also indicates that your body's energies are slightly out of balance due to high vibrating energies.

All these are the best indicators to learn that the Reiki attunement has worked. However, it is essential to make sure that your intention is set before accepting the attunement. 

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