How Chakra Breathing Works For Cleaning and Concentrating Energy?

Chakras are not the newest trend in the yoga world; it is an ancient system for understanding and improving your body’s energy. 

There are plenty of breathing techniques in Reiki that help you channel your energy in the right direction. Each of these techniques has its individual importance in Reiki. Among all the methods, charka breathing is one of the most powerful techniques that clear out less harmonious energies from your chakras. Before you start with chakra breathing, it is vital to aware people of the chakras. 

What is Chakra Breathing?

Chakra breathing is the union of emotions and energy with the physical body under the presence of chakras. Chakras project our consciousness through the wheels and chiefly determine the things we experience in reality. With intense working on these chakras, one can completely open all the blockages in the chakras. 


Chakra breathing is an active technique that uses intense breathing with your body movement. This technique is accompanied by soothing sounds for bringing much more awareness to mind and body. Deep chakra breathing helps you to connect to your body and charge the chakras with positive energy. 


Before we began learning about the method of chakra breathing, let us have brief information about the seven chakras in one’s body. 


  • Solar Plexus Chakra

It is the chakra that lies at the junction point of both your lungs. 


  • Base Chakra

It is the chakra at the bottom of your spinal cord. 


  • Crown Chakra

Crown chakra is located on the top of the head. 


  • Sacral Chakra

It is a chakra that lies 2 inches below your navel. 


  • Heart Chakra

It is a chakra that lies in the middle of the chest area. 


  • 3rd Eye Chakra

3rd eye chakra indicates its location – it is in between your eyes. 


  • Throat Chakra

It lies in the middle of the throat. 

Method of Chakra Breathing For Chakra Clearing

  • Sit in a comfortable position.
  • Breathe out to empty your lungs.
  • Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth during chakra cleaning.


  • Concentrate on base chakra and chant a mantra- “Laamm”. You will feel some vibrations. Repeat it for some time.
  • Keep breathing the same way, but this time while concentrating on any other chakra, i.e. Sacral. Chant the mantra – “Vaamm.”
  • Then switch to another chakra – solar chakra. Chant the mantra – “ Raamm.”
  • For the next chakra – Heart chakra, chant the mantra – “Yaamm.”
  • For Throat chakra, chant the mantra – “Haamm.”
  • Then concentrate on the Third Eye Chakra while chanting the mantra – “Shaamm.”
  • Lastly, concentrate on the Crown Chakra with the mantra – “Ommm” or “Aummm.”

Finishing Up 

Keeping your charka open all the time for cleansing while chakra breathing can be quite challenging, but it is not so difficult if you are always aware of yourself. Channelize your life force energy in the right direction and wipe out all the negativity from your chakras by regularly practising Chakra Breathing!

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