Get rid of frustration and anger with Reiki

Get rid of frustration and anger with Reiki

Are you stressed out?

When stress is accumulating, the feeling of "irritability" tends to come out.Conversely, if you get frustrated, you will be stressed.Frustration is emotional and stress is a mental condition.

When you are stressed, even just a small things can make you irritated.



For instance, Your boss pointed out your mistake Casher at the shop is slow The person walking in front of you stopped suddenly

Such a situation above are common incident if you live normally.

If you get frustrated in such a common incident, you’re probably stressed.

There are fewer days that go smoothly without any problems every day,so you cannot get frustrated for each and every minor event.

Even if you know that you shouldn’t get frustrated so much, normally it is difficult to control your emotions.

If you get frustrated or angry, you could say something, or take action by “reacting” without any thoughts.

After that, you often regret and self-disgust.


If you get frustrated, do Reiki!

If you get frustrated after learning Reiki,

It is a chance!

Think about yourself and apply Reiki to yourself.

If there are people around you and it is difficult to reach your hands, breathing technic is recommended which is called “Jyoshin Kokyu ho”


It is an image of putting Reiki from your head and releasing the frustrated feeling from the body by exhaling.

Like when you want to calm down, you take take a deep breath.

Try to add Reiki in that process.

Then, the speed of resolving the feeling of frustration becomes very quick.

This is because the brain frequency can be reduced to a relaxed state at once.

After 10 breaths, the irritated feeling will surprisingly slip out. If possible, send Reiki with your hands on your head and chest and it is even more effective.

If you have strong anger, place your hand on “Tanden.” (solar plexus)

As angry in Japanese means “grouchy stomach", Anger can rise from your stomach.

For such a strong emotions, put your hand on Tanden, for 10 minutes or until the anger disappears.


Gradually, you will feel that your energy of anger from head or Tanden is released.

If it is difficult at first, try it while playing healing music. And just be conscious of breathing with the image of breathing in Reiki, exhaling angry energy.

It's up to you to be angry or accept as it is!

When something happens that doesn't make you happy, it’s up to you to capture it as "anger" or as a "training". As you heal yourself with Reiki, you will be able to see nature and what happened as it is.

You don’t have to force yourself to feel happy or be positive about the incident, Reiki will take you to the place where “it is just what it is”



From there, it's your will to make it sense or turn it into awareness or learning.

Reiki is only a healing ability and the concept of "return to zero".

Once you reset your feelings, you may want to think about it, and seek the meaning of the incident.

When you are calm, and take your emotion in control like that you will feel more confident.

If you are often frustrated, cool down with Reiki each time,

As you do it, mental stress gradually relaxes,

Now you will not be frustrated when the same things happens.

When you overcome minor irritation each time, please celebrate yourself!

It's proof that you've definitely taken your mind and spirit leveled up!



t is fun to practice reiki in daily life and take it as little game for you.

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