Everything You Need To Know About Heart Chakra – Healing & Balancing

Faintly but yes, our bodies do communicate with the energies of others around us. Some of these energies are usually directly related to certain parts of the body, especially the weak or imbalanced chakras. Each chakra represents a spiritual life lesson to help get in-depth knowledge of your personal and spiritual powers. However, here we have provided in-depth information about your Heart Chakra. 


About Heart Chakra 

The heart chakra, popularly known as Anahata chakra in Sanskrit sites at the centre of the spine at the heart level. This chakra works as the individual's centre of compassion, forgiveness, love and empathy. It has a feminine energy that is symbolized by a green six-pointed star within a 12 petal flower. The mantra of the heart chakra is "I love."


Main Characteristics Of Heart Chakra 

The heart chakra is considered the central powerhouse of the body. It is the bridge that connects all the initial three chakras to the higher chakras related to spirituality and intuition. The heart is the mediator between the body and soul that determines the body's strength and health. Here are the prime characteristics of heart chakra:


  • Love 

Heart chakra deals with the emotional powers and unconditional love. This chakra urges us to improve our emotional strengths. It teaches us ways to love and empathize. With the fourth chakra, one can recognize the most powerful energy on earth is nothing but love. 


  • Innocence 

It is the centre of innocence and joy. Being a child, we reacted to every circumstance with several emotions – love, fear, compassion and desolation. On the other hand, being an adult, we generate emotions and express them only where required. 


Teachings Of Heart Chakra:

The heart chakra is the chakra that communicates with us on a sophisticated level and encourages us to expand the love we hold within ourselves to others. It is completely immersed in our emotional responses along with the inner world. Heart chakra responds to our inner ideas, thoughts, attitudes and emotional requirements. A balanced heart chakra would allow you to give unconditional love to others and form healthy relationships. 


Tips To Heal Your Heart Chakra:

  • Meditate with the intention of love and forgiveness as it goes hand in hand. Incorporate chakra breathing to bring in the loving life force energy in your life.
  • Always say kind things, be thankful, giving and let go of the emotional pain withheld in your heart.
  • Practice yoga – fish pose, cobra and head to knee forward bend for healing your heart chakra
  • Incorporate aromatherapy in your regular life for a healthy heart chakra.
  • Use Reiki crystals – Rose Quartz, Lavender Kunzite to balance your heart chakra.
  • No matter what, one must need to forgive mistakes and radiate love to surpass all pain and heartache.


Essential Practices To Balance The Heart Chakra 

Heart chakra suggests that energy wants to flow or move freely. Let us give your heart chakra a feeling of openness and being aligned. Here are some essential practices for balancing your heart chakras:


  • Choose An Appropriate Yoga Pose

Yoga is a great practice for opening your heart chakra. Few poses open your chest and add new energy into your heart chakra. These poses include Wheel Pose (Chakrasana), Puppy Dog Pose (Anahatasana) and Camel Pose (Ustrasana). 


  • Sit Back And Meditate 

Meditation is the best solution that checks on all the imbalances. Meditating is calming, refreshing and creates steadiness at the core of your heart. 


  • Nourish Yourself 

Having a nourishing diet is extremely important. You must include leafy greens such as cabbage, kale, spinach, broccoli and green teas in your diet for healing the blockages in your heart chakra. 


  • Devotion And Self Love 

You must include yourself in your love. It would help if you took time to appreciate your generosity, sense of humour and resilience to create a loving relationship with yourself. Another way is to evoke unconditional love or divine love through devotion. 


Taking Up:

There are times when you struggle with things in your life or feel unfulfilled, as if you have no higher purpose. It is nothing but unbalanced or blocked chakras that affect your mind, body and soul. If you wish for a happy and meaningful life, you must align all your body aspects. Begin with heart chakra through the practices mentioned in the article!

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