Everything About Traditional Reiki Hand Positions

Reiki Hand Positions

With Reiki hand positions, one can focus the healing energy in a particular part of the body using hands. Reiki hand positions cover the largest part of the body and are much better than the modern approaches. If you want to widen your knowledge of Reiki hand position, then you must go through the article below:

Why Is Practicing Reiki Hand Positions Important?

Placing hands on the body plays a great role in focusing all the universal life force energy on that part of the body. That body part receives a high amount of energy that enhances the healing potential of the body part. You must know that life force energy flows only where needed, but we can still guide it through Reiki hand positions.

Once you place your palms in the Reiki self-treatment position, it guides the universal life force energy from all the levels towards the position in a healing state. This Reiki hand position procedure activates the energy centres of the body and improves the mental, physical and emotional aspects of the body. 

With Reiki's hand positions, we place certain parts of the body in a healing state. It flushes out the negative and residual energy from the body while allowing clean energy to enter the body. Regular practice increases the awareness of the inner self and surroundings. Have a look at some of the prime Reiki hand positions –

Prime Reiki Hand Positions

Reiki Hand Positions

  • Placing Hands On Top Of Your Head 

This Reiki hand positions mainly energizes the brain and its hemispheres. It helps to develop a physical balance and mental focus on daily life. With energized brain hemispheres, one can enhance cognitive and intellectual brain functioning. It also leads to healthy sleep patterns. This specific Reiki hand position is excellent for opening up the crown chakra, which eventually enhances the universal flow of energy. This energy flow enhances the intuition power, self-consciousness, and awareness power. 

  • Palms Placed On Eyes And Forehead

This Reiki hand position sends energy that reduces imbalances at pineal, sinuses, eye, and pituitary glands level. It, in turn, balances the functioning of each gland. The hand position is highly recommended for people who are dealing with stress and lack a relaxed mind. Suppose we about the spiritual perspective of this Reiki hand position energize the important meridian of the body such as bladder and stomach. Also, it helps a person in a better understanding of the inner self. 

  • Placing Palms On The Temples

This Reiki hand position is responsible for energizing the optic and ear nerves which in turn improves the eyesight and hearing ability of the person. It stimulates the functioning of the pineal and pituitary glands. When you place your plans on your brain temples, it helps add a physical and mental balance. If you consider practising this Reiki hand position daily for about 10 minutes, then you can reduce the risk of cerebral health problems. This hand position activates the Ajna chakra.

  • Placing Both Palms On The Back Of Your Head 

Placement of the palms on the back of your head energizes the head's upper back and stimulates the occipital. This Reiki hand position helps in energizing the cortex that is responsible for eyesight. It has the same effects on the cerebral part of the brain, which is responsible for improving the body's primary functions. It also stimulates the meridian points such as the "Gate of Winds," which is located at the junction of the brain. It plays an important role in physical health. 

  • Hand Placement On The Lower Abdomen 

With this Reiki hand position, one can energize the small and large intestine and assist in the absorption of healthy nutrients. If you work on this position with great intention, then you can easily visualize the energy moves to the back of your body and kidneys. If we talk about the spiritual benefit of this Reiki hand position, you will understand that it helps develop creativity and self-acceptance; if you send proper light to this energy centre of the body, you will learn how to manage these energies in a balanced way. 

  • Placing Hands-On The Hip Area

This Reiki hand position requires the person to place each palm on the inguinal junction of the body. Place the right palm on the right hip similarly left palm goes to the left hip, and the tips of the fingers are supposed to touch each other. This Reiki hand position energies your small intestine, large intestine, and reproductive system. Other than this, it also helps in energizing the blood flow to your legs, muscle tendons, and inguinal lymph nodes. Use this Reiki hand position to send energy to the appendix. 

  • Placing Hands-On The Chest Region

Try to place one hand back-projection of the heart chakra. Palms over the breasts are an incredibly efficient Reiki hand position for women. It is an excellent hand position that prevents breast lumps and negative emotions stored at this level of the body. It helps you avoid physical imbalances if any. Hold this position for at least 10 minutes. This Reiki hand position also balances the energy structure of your heart. It, in turn, enhances a person's ability to offer and receive love and compassion for yourself and others. 

  • Placing Hands-On The Knees 

This Reiki hand position is best performed while sitting in a chair. It is essential to pay attention to our knees as they store most of the residual energy of the places you visit. This energy is added up from years of physical activity. If we talk about it spiritually, knees and elbows represent an expression of certain events. Our knees are tightly connected with the vital energy, inner-self, and one's deep manifestation. It is because our legs and feet have energetically corresponded to the Earth, Root, Star, and Sacral chakras. Practising this Reiki hand position 10 minutes on each knee is best for self-treatment.

Finishing Up:

Hopefully, now with the help of Reiki hand positions, one can easily treat oneself and others. If you are new to it and trying to grasp hold of it, then don't worry; you will get the hang of it with time. 


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