Easy Tips To Clear Negative Energy From Your Home Or Office!

These energies can either create a helpful or harmful effect on your life and the interactions that occur in that space?

Yes, it's true!

The energy that surrounds your space impacts everything; from your mood to your relationships, from your thought process to your motivation level and much more. Luckily you don't have to feel helpless in front of these energies anymore with practising Reiki! It is an easy practice with real worthy rewards.

Let us show you how!

But before that, let's understand why it is essential to clear the energy of the space!


Importance of Clearing the Energy of Your Space!

Have you ever been to a place and felt weird about it? It happens, right? It is primarily because of the negative energy surrounding that place. Contrastingly, have you ever visited a home or room where you felt instant peace and comfort? It is right because of the positive, loving or harmonious energy of the place.

All the places can hold energy. Even the spaces have moods just like people – either good or bad. You can use Reiki practice or any other meditating technique to keep yourself aware of these energy fluctuations and release any negative patterns that one might get into. Instead, it brings in positivity, loving and healthy feelings.

The point is that moods are something that doesn't happen to us. It is created by how people react to the circumstances of their surroundings and personality tendencies. It leaves us with an option to either allow the surroundings to affect our mood or let go of it by releasing positive energy. The same theory works for places.

Suppose you use Reiki regularly to clear out your home's energies or any other space to ensure that none of the places gets affected by the negative energies of the people entering these spaces. Perhaps it is essential to fill up your rooms with Reiki's love and light to live a healthy, peaceful and loving life.


What All Space Needs Energy Cleaning?

  • Your Home

It is highly recommended to clear out negative energy from every room of your house, after every quarter. Energy cleaning is equally important to physical cleanliness. As the dust accumulates at the corners, the same way, less harmonious energy also gets collected in your house from multiple sources. Blessing each room or practising Reiki will help you take control of your home's energies successfully.


  • Your Workplace

Your workplace is the place where you can experience fights or disagreements quite often. These circumstances release negative energy in the environment, which needs regular cleansing but gets ignored. One must teach Reiki practice in the offices to clear the space every time any stressful event occurs. Otherwise, these toxic energies would linger in the surroundings affecting you.

  • Hotel Room

Hotel or rented lodges are often ignored for energy clearing session. However, it just takes a few minutes to clear out the bad energies from your room to make a big difference in your body's energy. Hotels being a living home for constantly changing people, have lots of unfamiliar energies that need to be wiped out to enjoy your stay properly.


How To Clear The Energy Of The Space?

Now that you have all the information about negative energy in the spaces and how it affects you, are you ready to clear your space? There are multiple ways to do so, but here is one quick, simple and effective way to clear up space with good intentions.

Let's begin the process!

  • Step 1:
  1. Draw Reiki power symbols on your palms and sit in the centre of the room.
  2. Clap your hand together thrice while saying the sacred mantra quietly to yourself with each clap.
  3. Then place one hand on your heart chakra and the other over your solar plexus chakra until you feel strong Reiki flow, from 30 seconds to 2 minutes.
  • Step 2:
  1. Pick any room wall and visualize a significant emotional symbol followed by a power symbol on it.
  2. Aim your palms towards the wall and say to yourself - "I ask that Reiki clear this space of any negative energies, entities or vibrations. May this room be filled with the love and light of Reiki."
  3. Continue with this for about 30 seconds to 1 minute or until you feel it is done. 
  4. Repeat this process for each of the wall, ceiling and floor. 
  • Step 3:
  1. After step 2, visualize an emotional or metal symbol followed by a power symbol in the room's centre. 
  2. Then, repeat the clearing intentions. 
  3. Continue channelling Reiki energy until you feel that your entire room is filled with the positive light of Reiki. 

Well Done!

You have now transformed your space into a pleasant and sacred place.

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