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Most of the people in the world are quite sensitive, caring, and kind. They are willing to have the best outcome for both them and others around them in need. However, at times these characters, unfortunately, lead a person to grow unhealthy worries or anxiety in their mind.

Luckily we have the art of Reiki, which works as a natural remedy for such negative thoughts. It is one of the safest, effective, and rapid relieving therapies that relieve you from stress, worries, and anxiety. Reiki practice encourages people to do something that would help them to accomplish positivity and diminish negativity.


Why Is It Good To Use Reiki For Anxiety and Worry?


Before we get into this, you must be clear that both worry and anxiety are two different concepts. Anxiety is a more chronic problem. It is less rational and a far more destructive state of being in which one can be. The struggle can be real; however, daily Reiki practice is truly the best solution to free your mind and body from the vicious cycle of anxiety.

On the other hand, worries revolve mostly around concrete and realistic concerns. Moreover, fear is more of a choice or a habit of a person. Thus, changing how to react to thoughts and feelings can create a real and long-lasting change in your life. Therefore, it is highly recommended to learn new and healthy behaviors to change your life. But if you surpass these thoughts and feelings, it can become a foundation to anxiety's underlying sense. Reiki practice can assist in growing a healthy and positive behavior to mitigate the growth of anxiety.


What is the right time to use Reiki on Worries?


You are most likely to know what triggers your stress and tension level. It can either be money, career, family, children, or your health. In simple words, things that worry us out can lead us to the path of Reiki for self-treatment. 

However, if you have already let yourself into the mode of fear or fight, you can no longer see the possible things that you can do to help create a better and positive outcome. It makes your mind lose the perspective that everything will always be fine and you would survive no matter what the outcome would be. Moreover, the worst part is that no situation causes as much difficulty encouraging energy as the feeling of worry, fear, or anxiety. Thus, be worrying we are contributing to getting the outcome which we don't want to!

So the best way to respond to the first moment of tension or anxiety is nothing better than Reiki. But if you have already gone far into these negative feelings, you can still make a U-turn and follow the path of Reiki healing therapy. If you don't know how Reiki works, here are few beneficial tips for you!


Easy steps to use Reiki to soothe your anxiety –


  • Fill your fuel tank with Reiki positivity

The first and foremost step is to take care of yourself and your feelings. In simple words, help yourself before you go around helping others. For instance, if you feel stressed and anxious, it would be a real challenge for you to contribute positivity amongst others or in whatever situation you'd be. Thus, it is best to take a few minutes and place one of your hands over your heart and the other over your solar plexus for bringing your anxiety level down. 

And if you are a master and attuned to Reiki level II or high, you can opt for mental or emotional symbols on yourself. First, draw the symbol on your palm for sending it throughout your body. It is beneficial to use a consequent mantra that matches the mental symbol, as the mantra's repetition silently in your mind can also prove to be soothing. 


  • Send positive Reiki energy to the situation!

It is a critical step to send Reiki energy to any worrying situation coming your way. Use the following method to send Reiki healing energy to any future event in the next 10 minutes or ten months. Other than that, you can also send life force energy to an ongoing event. 


  • Write down the details of the event or situation like date and location on a piece of paper. 
  • Hold the paper in one hand and draw required symbols on it with the other hand. 
  • Hold the paper between your hands and give it Reiki life force energy to support the condition's best possible outcome. 
  • Keep on doing for around ten to twenty minutes or a minimum of five minutes to get it all. 
  • Repeat this process every day until the problem or situation is not resolved. 


Some of these conditions would require you to action to resolve them, but the idea to use the following ways is to clear your head first to hear and act on the situation.  


  • Lose your attachment to the outcome!

If you give up the situation over to Reiki healing therapy, you would assuredly get the highest possible outcome of the circumstances. For this, you need to let go of your worries, fear, and attachment to the situation so that you can use the energy to work on supportive outcomes. It can hard if you have got your negative feelings wrapped around you, but if you have to get desired results, you would have to step back and follow Reiki's path. 




Hopefully, this article would help you use Reiki healing therapy to soothe the amount of anxiety and fear from your mind and body. Start using these tips from today onwards to have a soothing and happy life. 

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