Does Reiki replace drugs?

Does Reiki replace drugs?
Experiments have shown that Reiki is effective in relieving pain,

however it is also true that reproducibility is harder to demonstrate than pharmaceuticals.

So, unfortunately, Reiki is not a substitute for medicine.

The preparation of drugs and the administration of anesthesia is a highly reproducible treatment that has been carried out on a number of clinical trials and based on numerical records.

Since the chemicals themselves are all chemicals produced with a certain formula, they are completely reproducible substances.


Reiki, on the other hand, captures and sends natural energy into the body, so it even changes with the difference in gravitational pull that occurs during the phases of the moon.

The effectiveness of Reiki also varies depending on the condition, consciousness and pain of the healer and the recipient.

This irregular nature of Reiki is not a measure of being less effective or more effective than the drugs we usually take.

Occasionally, there have been many cases where pain that could not be cured with drugs but improved with Reiki.

Sometimes it is more effective than a drug, and sometimes it's not.
So it is hard to quantify the effectivenss.


How should I use medicine and Reiki properly?

So when should we take medicine and when should we use Reiki?

I think that discussion will come up.

Basically, if you feel unwell, get consult from your doctor and take the prescribed medicine or get medical treatment.



If you say "I'll cure it with Reiki" and your symptoms get worsen without going to the hospital, it doesn't make sense.

Especially if you have a virus or bacterial disease, be sure to take the medicine prescribed by your doctor.

If you are injured, please get medical treatment or surgery.

Reiki's turn comes afterwards.

For example,

  • Doctor said, "No problem."
  • "I was told that stress was the cause, but I don't know how to reduce it."
  • Even if I take the medicine, it does not go away at all,
  • Having chronic symptoms and keeps taking medicine.
  • Needless to go to the hospital, but a little sick, headache

and such.


At that time, try using Reiki in a complementary way.

You can use Reiki with medicines, but when taking medicines that reduce pain, Reiki may have difficulty reacting to the body because it has the effect of paralyzing the nerves.

In the case of chronic symptoms, it can take a while for the symptoms to improve, so please send reiki patiently.

If necessary, we recommend that you listen to the second opinion and the third opinion during this time.


When taking medicine, send Reiki to the medicine before drinking

For medicines that cause side effects in particular, first send Reiki to the medicine for a few minutes before taiking them.

There are many reports that side effects reduced by reiki.

It also has the power to reduce side effects such as nausea, dizziness and drowsiness.



Even those who are receiving treatment to administer anticancer drugs,

There are many results that side effects are unlikely to occur if reiki healing is performed immediately after administration.

Let's aim at recovery by using medicine and use Reiki properly or combining them.


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