Does Reiki Really Work?

Does Reiki Really Work

So the question here is - Does Reiki Really Work? There are both consequences and benefits of having this quick lifestyle. Speed is the need of the hour, but it brings about problems like stress, anxiety, insomnia, aches, illness, pains, gut problems, and reduces immune functions. But what exactly our body requires is to slow down a bit, taking deep breaths, and some comfortable place in your house to loosen yourself.

Does Reiki Really Work?

Reiki is the most wonderful therapy that aids in the overall well-being of the person, even in this fast-paced life. Reiki is basically an energy healing therapy whose 20-30 minutes of regular practice can cleanse and balance the body's energy chakras. But the problem is that Reiki healing has been highly misunderstood and disregarded by the people. Here is a simple theory to explain Does Reiki really work?

We all know that every living thing that exists on this earth is made from energy that vibrates at varied frequencies. Every physical matter is a bundle that is tightly condensed with loads of energy. Energy flowing within the living beings is known as life force energy which flows through the pathways called chakras.


This life force energy is eliminating the problems and nourishes the organs and cells of the person's body. Other than that, this energy aids in supporting all the vital functions of the person. In case this energy channel is blocked or imbalanced, then Reiki comes into action. It heals energy channels, recharges them with positive energy, and clears out all the blockages in the pathway.

Reiki treatment is very soothing, relaxing, and gentle at all times. You as a client may experience several sensations – warmth, coolness, tingling, twitching, sleepy, or light. In some cases, the client may not even feel anything. Reiki healing treatment is the best option if you are both mentally and physically exhausted or it just needs a quick reboot. To fully soak the benefits of the treatment, you must slow down and let your mind relax. Still, having questions like Does Reiki really work?

The primary thing to make Reiki work is your mind. You are required to train your mind to relax. You can achieve this by lying quietly on your bed, yoga mat, or treatment table and breathe heavily. One is required to believe and see from their mind's eye that their belly is raising with lungs get inflated each time. Then wait for it to drop as you exhale. For all this, you will have to focus on your breathing and tell yourself to relax in order to soak that healing energy.

Try it and experience yourself to ensure that Reiki healing truly works!


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