Distance Reiki Healing & How it Works?

Distance Reiki

The general idea behind Distance Reiki Reiki healing is that the universal energy of the practitioner is transferred to the patient’s body through the palms of the practitioners.

The practitioners focus their energy on the particular part of the patient’s body so that it heals quickly. Moreover, Distance Reiki promotes a sense of relaxation and soothes the tensed muscles of the body, which might be holding the past memories of physical and emotional pain. Distance Reiki therapy might sound mysterious to you, but it is actually not!

Let us know how Distance Reiki is performed:


Distance Reiki


How is Distance Reiki Performed?

Reiki practitioners perform the sessions in two ways: either by directly touching the patient’s body or place your hands above the body while the patient is sitting or lying down. By performing the therapy, the practitioners are releasing, moving, and adding energy to each part of the body’s energy chakra. It helps in promoting slight balance within the body. 

According to science, each body has universal energy in the physical and emotional openings of the body. Also, every person surrounds himself with energy fields that bring about slight behaviour changes. These openings can be measured to check for the strength of each chakra. Once you measure it, you can see yourself the parts of the chakras that are blocked.

The most captivating thing about Reiki practice is Reiki healing doesn’t always require you to come in another person’s direct contact for energy cleansing. According to the studies, Distance Reiki training can help one perform Reiki on oneself, and with proper Reiki attunement, one can perform Distance Reiki on others from a distance.


Distance Reiki


How Distance Reiki Healing Is Performed?

Distance Reiki is one such healing technique that can be easily accessed by the patient without getting in close proximity with the practitioner. It energetically bridges one’s energy to them by performing Reiki therapy. The therapy is continuing to support the people in these desperate times.

It is best for the person who is receiving the session to stay as comfortable as possible. The session is performed by the practitioners from their homes – they send energy and vibrations across space and time to enhance the wellness of their patients. 


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