Corona grows with anxiety and fear


The new corona is often unknown to doctors and there is no silver bullet.
Since I am not a doctor, I have no scientific basis.
But while I was doing this, I felt that people were dying, and that the number of infected people was increasing, and that people's anxiety and fear would increase, so I decided to write this article today.

When you send Reiki, you can sense the root of some of their condition and symptoms by "sounding" or "channeling".

Here is what I felt when I sent Reiki to a corona patient.

Perhaps the coronavirus itself does not have such a strong power.
Somehow, I felt like a thug.
"I'm sorry!" I'm threatening, but "I'm here!"
Well, it was an image that I would advise rather than "Kora!"

In short, it felt like a very "willing" virus.
It was like a human being or a conversation with thugs.

At first, I felt bad evil with the feeling that strong static electricity was running around my palms around the lungs and throat.
Apply reiki,
"We are second to none like you, the strength of our will and the depth of our love are above all. Calm down, do not lose the power of people to think of people."
I usually send a bit more flat reiki, but I got excited and sent it with a lot of feeling (laugh)
Then it calmed down in 5 minutes. . .
When I send Reiki to a person who has accumulated stress for many years, it takes about 30 minutes to calm down to some extent, but about corona, it took 5 minutes.
After that, the energy of the lungs began to wave, and it felt like I was smooth in about 15 minutes.

Of course, that doesn't mean that he will be completely cured and discharged immediately,
What I want to tell you here is that I didn't feel so frightening about the virus itself.
However, what surprised me was that I felt very "willing".
The energy of anxiety and fear seemed to raise the corona.
And I'm quite impressed with strong will and positive energy.
It felt like a fairly simple and straightforward virus.

Even if the younger generation does not have a medical condition or smoke, it is said in the news that some people are dead and many may be scared.
However, I don't know how his energy was. Perhaps she was very stressed, or she had poor immunity due to poor sleep and poor diet.

There's no doubt that the respiratory virus is a bad-tasting virus that targets a serious organ if its function stops for even one second.
But before it ramps up, I'm starting to feel that if I beat this thug with positive energy, I might not have to worry about it.
Because there is no scientific basis,

Be sure to wash your hands, gargle, wear a mask, ventilate, etc., and do not take any action to increase the risk of infection. If you experience any symptoms, consult a doctor immediately.

Since there is no medicine yet, there is no choice but to remedy well.If you have difficulty breathing, you will be treated with respiratory organs.
It ’s just that,
Before you have difficulty breathing, during treatment or prevention, plus what we are doing now,
Positive feelings, people who meditate think that they can meditate, and those who can do reiki can repel this coronavirus by increasing their energy using reiki.
And if you're doing meditation, reiki, or other energy work or channeling, be sure to send healing prayers and energy daily to infected areas, hospitals, or the entire planet.
I am also praying and sending energy, talking to the healers I know now.

It feels like the fear and anxiety of the people is raising the corona.
Our strength is not as powerful as Corona can do.
#Stay Home is not wrong, but #Pray for us
I want to pray to us and increase our energy.
I wrote with that in mind.

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