Can Reiki Self Treatment Improve Your Fertility?

Reiki Self Treatment

Reiki self-treatment is taken as a secret weapon that helps people to stay emotionally stable every time. Reiki is a form of Japanese healing art that is complementing the world over time. It is highly recommended for adding a difference to the lives of women dealing with problems such as infertility.

Reiki healing works to enhance and increase the flow of vital life force energy through the pathways in your body. With an optimal flow of the life force energy, the functioning of the organs including reproductive organs for both men and women works well. Reiki self treatment provides a fertile site for a new life to be conceived by a mentally, physically, and emotionally balanced woman. Reiki excels in reducing stress, anxiety, and negativity that builds up before, after, and during the fertility period.

How Does Reiki Self Treatment Work For Improving Fertility?

Reiki Self Treatment


Reiki self treatment balances the life force energy and also connects people with the spiritual elements that are laid within them. It is administered by laying hands on different positions of the body like the head, shoulders, feet, legs, and energy chakras. Reiki energy thus begins to flow and brings a sense of calmness and relaxation to the overall mind and body of the person. Reiki is a non-invasive treatment that is safe for women during the fertility cycle, pregnancy period, and post-delivery.

Reiki treatment decreases blood pressure, reduces stress, and improves the mood of the person which helps in enhancing the fertility of both men and women. It heals emotional blockages in the body which might be due to past trauma or feelings that you hold for years. Reiki comes in handy for the people willing to conceive with no complications at all.

How Reiki Deals With Infertility Matters?

Nothing is as painful for a woman as the inability to conceive a child. The feeling is indescribable but is mostly understood by another woman with a very heavy heart. Just like any other issue, infertility is also due to hormonal imbalance, stress, anxiety, or obesity. These are the primary symptoms of blockage in chakras or imbalanced life force energy.

Practising Reiki self treatment can unblock the chakras and balance the life force energy of the women, so if you are struggling to get pregnant then you must perform regular Reiki self treatment or hire a practitioner to perform it on them. It will your mind, body, and soul and would also reduce stress and tension from your life that eventually would help you to conceive easily.

Additionally, Reiki supports follicle growth and recruits healthy eggs during the woman's fertility cycle. Reiki self treatment works great for fertilization of the eggs and implantation of the embryo to the uterine lining. It regulates the menstruation cycle of the women before conceiving. Other than that, women experience less pain and a balanced emotional state during their periods.

Finishing Up:

Hopefully, Reiki self treatment has helped you improve the infertility of both men and women. If you too are facing problems while conceiving then you must start with Reiki healing treatment.

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