Can Anyone Learn Reiki Healing Technique On Their Own?

Reiki Healing Technique

Reiki healing technique is an easily practiced activity used as self-care for anyone regardless of the age and state of health of the person. Anyone can learn to practice Reiki healing technique as no specific background is required. One of the prime features of Reiki practice is simplicity. 

Why One Needs To Learn Reiki Healing Technique?

Although it is excellent to receive Reiki from a professional or a friend, there are plenty of reasons why one must consider learning Reiki healing technique to use on them. Self-care is valued not only by people with health challenges but also by others with tight schedules seeking balance in their lives. 

Practicing regular Reiki self-care technique restore body balance and reduces stress. Additionally, Reiki healing brings out pain relief, anxiety, and depression. People suffering from any conditions must learn Reiki self-treatment to empower their mind and body’s strength. 

Anyone can practice Reiki on themselves every day. Self Reiki healing benefits include treating chronic diseases such as cancer, asthma, diabetes, depression, fatigue, heart disease, and much more. 

Degrees of Reiki Healing Techniques:

Conventionally, there are three degrees of Reiki healing techniques. Regular hands-on Reiki self-treatment is the foundation of all the levels of the Reiki practice

  • The First Degree Of Reiki Healing Technique Is Taught Over 8-12 Hours

Patients who want to practice Reiki for self-healing must take classes that prepare them for regular Reiki healing practice. In this class, the students learn hand placements for sharing the life force energy with their friends and family. The learners are made to learn how to offer Reiki in acute situations through informal “spot therapy.”

Additionally, the Reiki master provides an overview of the history and concepts of Reiki. Moreover, the practitioners encourage the students to get empowered with positive life force energy. First-degree Reiki healing training is everything that you need to initiate practicing self Reiki

  • The Second Degree Of Training Is For Distant Healing 

In this degree of Reiki self-treatment, the learners know how to heal others without a hand to body contact. The students are provided with mental training for balancing or cleansing the life force energy of anyone anywhere. Additionally, the second degree enhances the quality of the hands-on treatment. 

  • The Third And The Final Level Of Reiki Healing Technique 

The final level is provided to convert a regular practitioner into a Reiki master. It is given to only accomplished students who agree to devote their lives to teaching people to practice Reiki healing techniques. Reiki healing is not something which one can learn through books, but it is instead something which one can learn with an apprenticeship with a Reiki master. Only a Reiki master can teach others to learn Reiki. 


Whether you want to learn to practice Reiki on yourself or others, you must connect with a Reiki master. Expertise in Reiki is developed through practice and not just by taking any course. Reiki healing techniques are best to enhance wellbeing or to treat illness. 

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