A Magic Guide to "Reiki Bath" At Home How to Perform Reiki Bath?

Reiki Bath

It is mostly because of the stress and disturbance it has created in our lives.  Are you stressed? Do you feel like that you require a full body and soul cleanse? Then it is probably your time to get a Reiki bath. Before we learn how to get a Reiki bath, let us first understand what Reiki is all about. 

It was founded almost a century ago by Mikao Usui. It is a Japanese healing technique used to clear the blockage in the energy flow in your body. The flow of the energy or life force promotes the physical and emotional wellbeing of a person.

How to perform Reiki Bath At Home?

The power of touch is as traditional as humanity. When we get hurt, our first instinct is to cover or rub the injured area; it reflects that hands offer comfort. Hands are the first place where most people feel the first connection. If you connect to Reiki Bath, your hands might feel light or heavy, along with a warm tingle. 'Ki' in Japanese is the "energy of the universe," shared through hands.  

The next step is attunements for the people who want to take their Reiki Bath practice to the next level and heal others. A Reiki master at this level can share universal energy with others. 

 Here are a Few Simple Beginner Self-Reiki Bath Techniques – 

  • Create A Space 

First, create a space in your home which is dedicated to meditation practice. Make a sanctuary that is ready for your return each day.

  • Try A Grounding Meditation 

If you are feeling unbalanced, then grounding would help you to feel rooted in your body. Grounding meditation is useful after a session of deep meditation. It brings you back to the earth while tuning into your intuition or psychic ability. Give yourself some time with this process to ultimately develop a connection with Mother Earth. 

  • Indulge In Treatment – Reiki Bath

Performing a regular full-body treatment will deepen your Reiki experience. With this, you feel in sync by intuitively understanding your mind and body's needs at the present moment. Reiki bath is taken after the completion of the grounding meditation to heighten your sensory experience. It is a relaxing warm bath along with soothing music, candles, or healing crystals. 

  • Keep A Journal Of Your Reiki Practice

It will help you to keep track of your practice and how it has benefitted you. A journal would also help you to magnify what will come in your path of mediation. Also, learning how much your understanding level, sensory experiences, thoughts, and feelings have transformed. 

  • Practising Reiki Bath Principles 

Incorporate meditation practices and Reiki principles into your regular life. Think about not worrying, not feeling anger – be grateful, kind, and work along with diligence. 

Principles are the true essence of the Reiki Bath practice. It helps you to learn to let go of your past and live in the present moment. Tune yourself with high vibes of gratitude and kindness to support or benefit the lives of people around you through regular Reiki practice. 

Here in the article, we talked about Reiki bath now; let us learn how to prepare a relaxing Reiki bath at home.

Reiki Bath

Procedure to Prepare Holy Reiki Bath 

Reiki Bath is the most relaxing activity of the day for most of us. How about having a quick hot oil massage before that? Let us get into the article to prepare soothing oils and a Reiki bath to complete a cleansing session. 

For making the massage oil, you would require the following ingredients. 

  • Coconut oil – To reduce of fight inflammation 
  • Turmeric powder – For multiple benefits like soothing irritation, dispelling the power struggles along antiseptic properties. 
  • Salt – To remove negativity, cleanse chakras and unblock them. 

Let's have a look at the procedure for making the massage oil –

  • Add 3 tbsp warm oil to a bowl. 
  • Add a pinch of salt and turmeric to it. 
  • Then add Reiki symbols to it – 

Cho Ku Rei for cleansing your aura

Sei He Ki  for healing 

Hon Sha Za Sho Nen for healing your past, present, and future

Dai Ko Myo for opening the divine channel

  • Mix everything
  • Massage it all over your body right before getting into the shower. 
  • Start massaging from your feet, then go up to your head.
  • Also, apply this oil to all your seven chakras (one by one)
  • Gently massage your body for around ten minutes. 
  • You can use affirmations like – "I'm releasing all the energy that doesn't serve me."
  • Finish your Reiki bath or shower along with warm water and soap. 

Now that you have cleansed your body with a Reiki bath have a glass of water. Take some rest post the bath as a massive release from the body through this bath would make you feel sleepy. Don't forget to keep yourself hydrated. Join hands with us to add freshness and ease to your life with Reiki. Add this bathing practice along with Reiki practice into your life to live a stress-free life from today itself!

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