5 Principles of Reiki Healing Techniques

Reiki Healing Techniques

Reiki healing technique is based on the concept that every living thing has an energy field or life force energy that keeps them alive. According to the studies, physical, mental, and emotional issues are mostly occurred due to lack of energy or blockage in the energy fields. 

The prime benefit of Reiki healing is balancing the life force energy and promoting good health. The energy givers place their hands on or just above the patient's body to treat the energy. According to several types of research, Reiki healing benefits in reducing pain, uplifting the mood, cure anxiety, and depression. 

Reiki healing technique is like any other spiritual practice, which is based on a set of principles. The core concept behind every spiritual practice is the affirmations or the intentions the healing. Let us explore Reiki's prime principles and the ways to use them for adding a sense of positives to your everyday life. 

Basic Reiki Healing Technique Principles:

The Reiki healing technique is based on the five prime teachings. These teachings are for the guidance of the Reiki practitioners for healing and balancing the life force energy. Let's explore each of these principles in brief:

  • Release Anger Thoughts Each Day

It is quite common to feel angry sometimes during the day. The trigger of this condition can be anything from getting late for work to things getting wrong. But as per the research of Reiki practitioners, anger is not something that evokes from outside events. Instead, it is something that stems up from the angry energy already within you. This principle aims to help you release this negative energy from the body and invite happiness into your life. 

  • Release Every Thought Of Worry From Your Mind 

Most people overthink about events that haven't yet happened. Reiki healing technique assists in maintaining the feeling that starts within you. If you are having worried feeling regarding any future event, then you will produce negative emotions. It is only good to release this energy, live in the present, and worry less about the future. 

  • Be Grateful Everyday

It would be best if you always reminded yourself to be grateful to all. By recognizing the goodness in your life, you can attract more positive energy around you. Remember this mantra to live a happy, obliged, satisfied, and cheerful day every day. 

  • Expand Your Consciousness

If you actively practice living consciously, you can balance your body's life force energy or Reiki energy. It is the principle that encourages you to recognize when and how you have acted with your conscience. 

  • Be Gentle To Everyone Everyday 

It is the principle that lets you focus on treating people gently so that you receive positive energy in return. One must treat themselves with kindness as well, as it is essential for the betterment of their mental and spiritual health. 

Reiki Healing Techniques

How to Use Reiki Principle In Everyday Life?


It is right to use Reiki principles as mantras that will guide your beliefs, thoughts, and actions of your daily life. According to the best Reiki practitioner, Reiki promotes spiritual and personal growth and helps you live a healthy, fulfilling, and balanced life. Here are few ways to use these principles as your everyday guide – 

Recognize Your Feelings And Release It. 

The foremost principle is diverting your focus on improving your terms with angry thoughts. If you want to incorporate a good relationship, you must do the following every day:

  • Chant – "Just for today, I'm releasing angry thoughts from me" aloud to yourself. 
  • Think about the scenarios that have made you evoke your rage that day or yesterday.
  • Compare your emotions with the past events which enraged such feeling within you. 
  • Help yourself release the angry thoughts and feelings. 
  • Take two deep breaths and think that the angry energy is releasing from your body. 

Recognize What Worries You and Let Go Of It                            

Here is how you can use this principle in your everyday life and get rid of the worrying thoughts from your mind:

  • Recite the mantra – "Just for today, I'm releasing all the worrying thoughts of the mind from my mind" to yourself or aloud. 
  • Think about the situations that make you worried. 
  • Look in the past and think about how you reacted in similar scenarios.  
  • Let go of all the everyday worries from your mind. 
  • Take two deep breaths with the intention of releasing worries with each breath. 

Practice A Sense Of Gratitude Everyday

This principle makes you practice expressing gratitude with your conscience. For that, you need to:

  • Start by chanting "Just for today, I'm grateful to all" to yourself or aloud. 
  • Relax your mind and think about every positive person, condition, or place in your life to express your gratitude. 
  • Allow your heart to feel complete and satisfied with each positive thought of the day. 

Realize Your Consciousness

The principle – "Expansion of consciousness" states the acknowledgment of your consciousness. 

  • You can use this principle by saying – "I expand my consciousness" aloud or to yourself. 
  • Then visualize the scenario in which you have recently experienced your consciousness. These scenarios might include:
  • While performing one or the other meditation. 
  • During the feeling of thankfulness 
  • While taking a meditation stroll.   

Practice Kindness Regularly 

  • Try repeating – "Just for today, I'm kind and gentle with every being, including myself" to yourself or aloud. 
  • Introspect to the times when you have been unkind to yourself and others. 
  • Think about the events that have made you feel guilty or anxious and then release that energy from within. 
  • Take two continuous deep breaths to remove the negative energy with each exhale.  


The Reiki healing technique principle is meant to promote the natural healing of your life force energy. The more balanced is energy, the more the flow of the positive energy in your life through the Reiki healing technique. If you want to learn more about the Reiki principle, you must consider visiting or contacting a trained Reiki practitioner. 

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