How Reiki works?

Accelerate self-healing system

Reiki is an energy that comes from nature, not your own “ki” or energy. Reiki helps your own body energy to accelerate “self-healing”abilities or system.

Since the certain frequency of biomagnetism is measured from the healer's brain and hand, it can be considered that energy acts at the electronic level in the body and magnetic action is occurring.

When this energy flows into the malfunctioning part of your body and mind, the self healing process of the cell get accelerated and starts to get healed.

Depending on the symptom and case, it is expected to work instantaneously.



"Attunement" refers to the act of opening the body's energy circuit to allow healing.  In another word, it is to tune your energy frequency to Reiki energy frequency.
Attunemnt means “harmony with nature”.
Everyone has this energy circuit in their bodies, but they are not used because we are clogged by the modern material society or unconscious.

The circuit can be opened by taking regular steps to Reiki treatment.

The circuit opens naturally by receiving energy in a regular procedure of 15 to 20 minutes, not an act of teaching special techniques.

After that, the more you clean and clean the open circuit yourself, the more beautiful energy will flow.



You body is a pipe for Reiki

Healing with your hands is just like an artificial respiration.

It is not healer’s energy but the energy from nature is taken into the healers body passes energy to Healy (the person who receives the healing).

So healer should train to send reiki or energy as clean as possible, so it is very important for healer to make your body and energy clean.

Just like water supply pipe, it should stay clean and thick.