11 Features of Reiki?

1. Anyone is capable to use Reiki

Anyone can use Reiki for healing by opening Reiki's circuit (Attunment)


2. Healing ability will not be lost for a lifetime

Once a circuit is opened, it can be used all the time without closing.


3. No need for concentration

When using Reiki, you don't have to be conscious or meditated.


4. Difficult to receive negative energy

Because it does not use its own energy, it is less susceptible to the negative energy of the opponent when healing others.


5.Reiki level powers up as you use

Reiki therapy is effective from the day the circuit is opened, but the more you use it, the more the circuit is opened and the quality and quantity of energy improves.


6.Effective for people who don't believe in Reiki

Even if the person who sends Reiki and the person who is sent do not believe in Reiki, energy flows effectively.


7.Synergistic with other therapies

It can be used in combination with manipulative treatment such as acupuncture, massage, meditation, etc. to enhance the effect.


8.Work on 4 levels at the same time

It acts on the body, emotions, consciousness, and spirit at the same time, so it can be used to heal from physical condition to mental disorders.


9.Specific effects

It is effective not only for the feeling of being healed or relaxed, but also for trauma such as pain, inflammation and bleeding.


10. Beyond time and space

Because reiki works on you in energy level but not physical level remote healing is possible when medicine and surgery is to approach in physical level.


11.Flowering of self-essence

The harmony of mind and body opens the essence of self and leads to self improvement and self realization.